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And Four White Mice Will Never Be Four White Horses

94140BLNI got a nibble on my screenplay. It’s just a nibble. One of the producers has written back. Has to show it to producing partner. He said he liked it. Said it had promise. Promise! ¬†And that was all. I’m not going to go crazy, not going to start dieting for the Oscars or put a down payment on my Porsche. A big producer took me through a summer of rewrites on my first script and then showed it to the one actor he had in mind for the lead, Kevin Kleine, who declined. Game over. Cinderella story gone in an email. I promised not to get bitter. Better to have loved and been swiftly dropped than never to have been swiftly dropped at all. I’m sober. I’m not casting the movie. There isn’t a director’s chair with my name on it, a baseball cap with the name of the movie on it, a baseball jacket with the name of the movie on the back and my name in gold thread stiched into the front. None of it. Fuck me dead.

What is your fantasy?

Ten Minutes Ago I Saw Her

For me, this year’s Oscar goes to Jennifer Lawrence for Winter’s Bone, for Katniss, and for this gorgeous Cinderella moment climbing the silver and black lacquer stairs to collect her award. Friends, I tripped climbing the bima for my Bat Mitzvah, only I was wearing a blue and white gingham dress with smocking and white high heel clogs. Hence, writing. Please, if you have your speech prepared, share it here. Love, Betsy
85th Annual Academy Awards - Show