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    Bridge Ladies When I set out to learn about my mother's bridge club, the Jewish octogenarians behind the matching outfits and accessories, I never expected to fall in love with them. This is the story of the ladies, their game, their gen, and the ragged path that led me back to my mother.
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Come on the Safari With Me


I am going on VACAY, as the kids now say. I am out of office. AKA OOO. I am taking War and Peace and I may never come back. I mean I can’t even finish a People magazine article, so ha fucking ha. Do I need to smell the roses, gaze at the stars, drink Smoothies, and pick scabs? Do I need to lose my fucking phone? Do I need to write a screenplay, suck wind, take up smoking American Spirits? I might grow a beard, read old medical records, test drive an e-car. I hate gardening, cooking, and waking up. I’ve never been particularly good at vacation insofar as fun, rest, and new experiences are involved. I’ll be back in two weeks.

What are you doing for your summer vacation? I hope you are WRITING!!!

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  1. Small world, me too! Oregon coast with the fam. Will I write? No plan to, which of course means that I will. Peach out.*

    *As the kids don’t say but I do, to torture my own.

  2. “What are you doing for your summer vacation? I hope you are WRITING!!!”

    Summer vacation? I haz a sad. For summer vacay I was going to fly down Albuquerque way and catch a performance of the New Mexico Shakespeare Festival’s production of “King Lear.” My son has a role in it!

    But along came stroke, and now I’m not going anywhere, except to medical appointments in Evanston. It’s nice to get out.

    And, yes, I am writing. Glad I am that I can still do that.

    • Wishing you good doctors and phys therapy helpers. Wtiting is a good balm.

    • Funny …. my new boyfriend’s daughter has a part in their “As You Like It” performance, showing now. Wonder if they know each other??? She’s Celia. That’s so lousy that you have to miss your son — I hope your recovery is strong and moving forward.

      • It’s likely they know each other. The theater community is not so large.

        My recovery proceeds apace. Thank you.

  3. Have a great vacation! I am melting with no AC in England.

  4. I am WRITING! And applying for a grant for a play. And walking to exercise my hip. And learning to make pie crust. Hell, I don’t have time for a vacay, not even a staycay.

    Have fun. I dare you!

  5. Some vacations aren’t enjoyed until upon reflection. I think that’s what is happening with me as I enter the last lap of a week long stay-cation, hanging around the home, paddling on the lake and watching old movies at night. No writing, but thinking about it; I’m in a funk and not sure what the solution is. Maybe just sit down and write? Edit what’s already written? Wait it out?

    A change of scenery is good. Enjoy your time away!

  6. For me, the best part of going away is coming back to my familiar. For you, I wish the same.

  7. OMG, why would anyone read War and Peace now. Anna Karenina, done and done. Life too short. You bagged the best Leo portrait there. Better one study it for a while than squander a sec on WAP. Hope the R&R is going well. Me, just back from the Oregon Coast with the fam. So, happy.

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