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    Bridge Ladies When I set out to learn about my mother's bridge club, the Jewish octogenarians behind the matching outfits and accessories, I never expected to fall in love with them. This is the story of the ladies, their game, their gen, and the ragged path that led me back to my mother.
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I Miss the Earth so Much I Miss My Wife

It’s the end of year and that can only mean one thing: best of lists. The New York Times released its top ten books of the year and one hundred best books. I can’t believe my fucking Bridge Ladies didn’t make it. Or was it published last year.? Who can fucking remember. I never wanted to be on a best books list anyway. Give me an Oscar or give me nothing. And you shall have it in abundance!

What’s on your top worst list besides Dunkirk, Starbucks low fat bacon sandwich and Larry David’s return especially the episode with Salmon Rushdie,

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  1. Books of the year that I cannot get through: Manhattan Beach, Pachinko, Transit. I seem to have lost the ability to enjoy what everybody else does.

  2. I was sitting here, absentmindedly singing (a-tro-shus-lee) to myself, when I checked my emails. “I miss the earth, I miss my wife,” sang me, a glitchy second or two off from reading it as your email title.

    Had Bowie in my head from listening to this an hour or so ago:

  3. Those lists drive me nuts and actually, it’s not only the Best Of, it’s the Most Anticipated for the upcoming year.

    Rationale: When one’s book is being marketed in conjunction with another…one tends to look through green tinted glasses when “the other” book makes a Most Anticipated list. It kind a sux, is what I’m saying, no matter how much one admires the author.

    I’ve been trying to keep my reading of them to a minimum. I’ll take that sandwich if you don’t want it.

  4. My top worst list this year includes: the president, the NY Giants – such a waste of time, and all the idiot men harassing women. Now, with women speaking up, we might have a chance at some of that Power and I bet the world will be a better place.

  5. Worst list , hands down, (or other-where)
    Starts with T ends with P…
    r-a-g-g-m-o-p-p… ragmop.
    I changed the words out of sentiment for the sinking boat.

  6. Betsy, are you inviting us to take the gloves off? Because here goes.

    2017 Top Ten Worst List:

    1. Worst Presidential Administration in American History — Donald J. Trump, 45th President

    2. Worst American Congress in at least the past 75 years — 115th United States Congress

    3. Worst American State Government — The State of Illinois

    4. Worst Excuse for Sexual Assault of a Minor Girl — Because Mary was underage when God has His way with her

    5. Worst Reason To Die Outside A Dunkin’ Donuts — Because a gangland drive-by hit an innocent bystander

    6. Worst Reason To Drown In The Lake — Because playing hooky from school

    7. Worst Way To Clear Vast Areas Of Land For Regrowth — The wildfires of the Western United States

    8. Worst Excuse For A Feeble Governmental Response To A Hurricane — Because it hit an island

    9. Worst Thing To Spill Into Lake Michigan Twice In One Year — Hexavalent chromium

    10. Worst Way To Craft Major Legislation In The 21st Century — At night, behind closed doors. with hastily-scrawled handwritten notes

  7. Worst person to become President after Donald Trump is impeached, resigns or gets swallowed by a vengeful sand trap: Mike Pence.

    Worst outlook for the future: See above and add in Kim Jong-un.

    Then add future Senator and sexual predator Roy Moore.

    Biggest disappointment mixed with uncertainty: Aung San Su Kyi. It hurts when heroes fall.

    Worst organization that has become too big and powerful: NRA.

    Worst case scenario for the environment: Donald Trump’s version of the EPA.

    Biggest disappointment in football (besides the Giants): Teams unwilling to hire the talented Colin Kaepernick. Many teams — Denver, Houston, Cleveland, Indianapolis, to name a few — could use a good quarterback but would rather tank than hire someone who knows how to throw the ball, run and create exciting plays, but isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

    Three of the worst situations in this country today: racism, sexism and gun violence. The sad thing is, I had no trouble coming up with three and there are so many more to add.

  8. Worst Curse On Earth: Militant Islam
    Worst Alleged Human: Kimz Dam Ill, Putin, Manson (DECEASED!)
    Worst “Music” That Won’t Go Away: RAP/Hip/Hop
    Worst Speaking Voice/Persona: Hillary ROD

    So Much For That! I’ll Be Thankful For Classical & neo-Classical Ballet, Frank Bidart’s New & Collected Poems, The Poetry Of The Late Brigit Pegeen Kelly & The Hope For Her Posthumous Poems via BOA, And That I’m An American Irish Catholic Living In The North East Kingdom Of Vermont!!!
    Sean Andrew Heaney

  9. Comments are really making me feel at home here today. Oh wait, I always feel at home here.

  10. 1. That people at the food bank feel guilty and ashamed they don’t have enough food, for whatever reason, and my tax money goes to paying sexual harrassment law suits for congressmen. Who don’t feel ashamed.

    2. “That’s above my pay grade.”

    3. That people still think they created this world and feel no doubt when they expound their certainties.

    4. That people are still afraid of a good argument.

    5. That death still exists.

    6. That food is still not like air despite all the eastern religious books I’ve read.

    7. That people still don’t understand what they read despite years of free education.

    8. That people rarely seek true critical thinking despite years of free education and millions upon millions of people killed so that we as people have the freedom to think as critically as we please, and as it pleases us.

    9. That I’m not famous.

    10. That my wife is not loved by every soul that exists.

    • 11. That Larry David is so skinny he looks like he just walked out of a concentration camp and people still laugh at him. My God. What have we become?

  11. You’ve just made my Best of 2017 Subtle Rocky Horror Picture Show References list! Congrats.

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