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    Bridge Ladies Sometimes I think a meteor could strike the earth and wipe out mankind with the exception of my mother’s Bridge club — Roz, Bea, Bette, Rhoda, and Jackie — five Jewish octogenarians who continue to gather for lunch and Bridge on Mondays as they have for over fifty years. When I set out to learn about the women behind the matching outfits and accessories, I never expected to fall in love with them. This is the story of the ladies, their game, and most of all the ragged path that led me back to my mother.
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I see the hate in your eyes, damn them boys is too fly



It’s that time of year: THE HATE LIST 2015

  1. Carrie’s wig
  2. Jimmy Fallon and the new late night TV line-up with the exception of my new boyfriend James Corden. I HEART JAMES CORDEN.
  3. Snatch chat.
  4. That McNulty/Noah Saloway is British. How?! How?!
  5. The only movie I loved this year will not get nominated. Room.
  6. Unsubscribe feedback requests
  7. The House of Trump.
  8. I hate the jacket of PURITY so much I can’t pick it up which is okay since I haven’t read The Goldfinch yet.
  9. The term “binge-watching.”
  10. FOMA (there is nothing better than missing out)

What’s on your list. Let’s make it long and ugly. Happy new year! Love, Betsy

19 Responses

  1. Women who carry-on bags and can’t manage their carry-on bags.
    My dad’s Facebook page.
    Capped WiFi — no streaming, no Netflix, no binge-watching.

  2. Long and ugly, you said. Well, here goes:

    1. “Let’s have a national conversation.” Or “Let’s have a conversation.”
    2. Cherry picking which lives matter.
    3. Saying “Really?”
    4. Vocal fry
    5. Year end commercials
    6. Ad choice pop-ups
    7. People who hold conversations in the middle of the aisle at grocery stores
    8. Bitchy Resting Face
    9. Texting + driving
    10. Loud eating
    11. Slurping
    12. Knuckle cracking
    13. Rudeness
    14. Smart asses
    15. Dumb asses
    16. This list means I hate me sometimes.


  3. I confess I had to google “Carrie’s wig,” and was looking forward to a scandalous story I’d missed. (Carrie who? Carrie Fisher? Carrie Underwood? Carrie from Sex in the City?) But nothing popped up in organic search. Then I looked at Google images and spotted Carrie Mathison with her *disguise.* Ah, yes! There it is. If this writing thing doesn’t work out, I’m gonna become a detective.

    Things I hate:
    1. Hard butter
    2. The holidays
    3. The ex taking up rental space in my noggin
    4. Putting down a dying cat
    5. Vertigo. (Not the movie.)

    Happy new year!

  4. What is “snatch chat?” I’m afraid to google it, in case it’s some new sexual healing thing, or a way for young men to brag about their conquests. I fear the illustrations.

  5. Heading out to buy Veuve for tonight’s fire escape party, so I’m not really in a hate list mood at the moment. Though, I did hate a lot about 2015.

    Hope 2016 is good to all. Cheers.

  6. The Donald. Marco. Ted. Ben. Jeb. Christie. Carly. Any other reactionary bastards the Republicans parade out there. Nothing would surprise me, so they all scare the shit out of me.
    Strategy of portraying Bill Clinton as a liability in order to distract from what Hillary has to say. Strategy of portraying Jeb Bush as moderate when all he’s really advocating is another costly war that will make his military industrialist buddies insanely richer while soldiers die on foreign soil and staggering numbers of innocent people get caught in the cross fire.
    What do I hate? Politics, especially in an election year.
    Oh yeah, Happy New Year.
    (Did I mention how much I hate the amateur drunks that are out on the roads shortly after 12 AM?)

  7. I unabashedly submit the Ultimate Hate Song by my son David Farrell Melton on vocals and keys. Just released! Check out the album (there’s some love in there, too!)


  8. 1. the increasing tendency to not know any of the faces on the check-out tabloid covers
    2. publishing start-ups trying to get a piece of the category romance impulse buy
    3. all the category romance ebooks on my kindle that I’ll never read
    4. All the Star Wars hoopla
    5. sink holes (I live in Oregon)
    6. the disdain for “quiet” novels and indie films
    7. how the spirit of junk mail and sales calls lives on in practically every facet of communication and engagement
    8. that I can’t figure out how to delete 90% of my contacts on my iphone
    9. that fucked up shoulder/neck pain thing that happens to writers over the age of 50 (with exponential ferocity as the years tick along)
    10. that Mad Men is over

    p.s. I sort of love Carrie’s wig.

  9. Group texts. Vocal Fry and uptalk. The fact that I can’t fucking watch television or movies these days without feeling like a cow. And old cow.

  10. I don’t hate, but I’m pretty fucking annoyed with one of the sub-clerks at the DuPage County Circuit Court Clerk’s office lately. And I’m pretty fucking annoyed with Illinois politics; and with the great bulk of the Republican party; and with police who are far too trigger-happy and have been trained, indoctrinated, and acculturated to be so; and with the miasma of sloppiness, incompetence, confusion, disorganization, and bad faith that has seeped through the Illinois judicial environment until it sometimes seems to be a web of hyphae that both holds the system together and paralyzes it; and with writers who can’t spell.

    Happy Fucking New Year. Where’s my drink . . .

  11. 1. trying to explain the full spectrum that is sexism to my 19yo daughter after she was sexually harassed on a public bus
    2. boob and butt selfies
    3. the recession in Alberta
    4. the weirdness that is 50
    5. fucking back pain
    6. pop-up ads on the internet
    7. how seriously fucked up the world seemed this year
    8. kale. unless there’s bacon on it
    9. indie films eschewed in lieu of super-hero bullshit
    10.trying to avoid carbs

  12. “What’s on your list. Let’s make it long and ugly. Happy new year! Love, Betsy”

    The only thing long and ugly around here is my…

    I hate that, in my frail dotage, I can’t even make a decent Hate List, and have to turn everything into a dick joke.

  13. God.
    Commenting on New Tings on the old blog.
    Getting excited
    Forgetting what you were going to say
    To write
    Nice change
    Getting excited
    Art really does still exist
    saying how boring
    Checking credit card balance
    Waiting (that should be number one.)

  14. Lottery winners who will not be quitting their jobs.

  15. I hate that I didn’t notice the blurb up top left until I checked in today to see what’s going on. Sounds good! And the names are too perfect to be made up.

  16. Backpacks.

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