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Your Lights Are On, But You’re Not Home


I’ve been off diet soda for five days and if there’s a bed free at Silver Hill, I’ll take it. I almost broke down at the Krauser’s driving home from the train station yesterday. They have a reliable stock of Sunkist diet orange and a bucket of stale Bulls Eyes. The staler the better.

What’s your poison?

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  1. Your Lights Are On, Betsy — or was the error deliberate? Rosemary Daniell >

  2. Last night, one of those five second recipe blips showed up in my Facebook feed (feed!) for microwavable fudge. I substituted skim for whole milk and cut the ingredients amounts in half b/c it’s all I had. Less then 10 minutes later I had a sandwich size tupperware filled with (mostly cocoa and powdered sugar) fudge cooling in my fridge and was eating it by the spoonful curled up on the couch, watching Homeland. I fucking love fudge. and Saul.

  3. Today, you mean? Black cherry cola cordial candy. Cheap ones.Until I was almost sick.

  4. Vodka martinis. Betsy, keep it up. Soda is like putting gasoline in your body. Not a good idea and we need you around for the long haul.

  5. Bourbon. It’s all butch and sexy, but bad for you. I’m substituting with schlock TV and keeping up with my meds for at least a couple weeks.

  6. Key lime pie. It’s part of a twelve step program. Methadone for coconut crime addicts.

  7. Macaroni and cheese from Panera Bread. Best crack in town. Anyone know a 24 hour Panera with a drive thru? I’m shaking just thinking about it.

  8. Coffee. Hot, strong coffee, unadulterated, except when it’s with brandy, kahlua, and crem de cocoa.. I sometimes buy green coffee beans and roast them myself, then grind them, then use the French press (the device, not LeMonde). It’s wonderful, but not when the page is waiting.

    Key lime, eh?

  9. Yours is diet soda, and mine is the real deal (not soda) but sugar. Once I became aware of little things like the fact that a tiny yogurt cup can have 5 tsps in it, I started obsessing. Now I use a measuring spoon in the a.m.’s for the coffee, and I buy plain greek yogurt and add my own fruit. Little changes that can make a huge difference.

    It’s good that you’re swearing off diet soda. I’m sure you’ve read about artificial sweeteners are chemicals. Somewhere I read they contain formaldehyde. And…not to freak you out, but my sister-in-law and her husband used to down about two 2 litre bottles of Diet Coke – EVERY day. She swears that’s what gave her MS.

  10. book lovers in the boston area will know Bea Strymish who owned the New England Mobile Book Fair gargantuan bookstore for about 60 years. Bea and her son David came into my cake shop 2 days ago to buy donuts and cupcakes. I asked Bea if she is still playing tennis, she said no, had to give it up a few years ago, she’s about 93 years old now. when i asked what was the secret of her success she giggled and shrugged but David chimed in “diet coke”…

  11. G6, a Colorado strain that a traveler left off with my guitar slinging buddy, DK. That and any good chocolate with smooth, stretchy caramel inside. The latter quite possibly influenced by the former.

  12. Bullseye on the Bulls Eyes, but I also measure out my life with coffee spoons.

  13. I’m a more savory creature: lobster or bacon mac & cheese, leftover pizza or turkey stuffing, lasagna, mcdonalds hamburgers with extra ketchup, deviled eggs.
    For dessert, Whole Foods real whipped cream in a small tub that they make in-house. It’s perfect writing food, kind of mind numbing but without booze or drugs. Yum!

  14. My list of poisons is longer than your entire post. Diet Coke is definitely toward the top. In fact, I have two opened cans on my desk right now. *sigh*

    Thanks for taking this one for the team.

  15. Jesus. There’s so many. Gin martinis. Key lime pie. Really expensive steak with a potato loaded with sour cream and salt. I was thinking the other day about what my last meal would be before the lethal injection – pretty sure it would be the above.

  16. Talenti sea salt caramel gelato: I can’t even trust myself to walk down the aisle at the supermarket.

  17. You couldn’t pay me to drink diet soda. I gave up coffee for three days last week for no particular reason and couldn’t figure out why I was so fucking muddled and confused. And the headache. Learned my lesson. Googling the webs spiders weave after they’ve been given caffeine and peyote etc is interesting. But once 6 o’clock rolls around, wine. Takes the edge off and I like the golden glow my psyche sometimes (okay always) gets. Since my hubby’s my dealer (he’s a winemaker) I get to drink the good stuff.

  18. Milk Duds and Led Zeppelin.

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