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I Send You All My Love Every Day in a Letter

What do shrinks and agents have in common?


Guys, when I was a baby editor, I had lunch with a big deal agent. It was July and though she was sitting at table with me, she had already checked out. In our pathetic attempt to make conversation, she asked what I was doing for the summer. I was making 22K; I was picking my nose for the summer. I asked if she was taking a vacation. I have never forgotten her response, “Any agent worth her salt takes August off.”

This may seem random, but when did Jennifer Garner become a shill for Capital One?

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  1. Jennifer G. and the credit card, I know, right? Maybe they’re sponsoring her divorce. If you need shrinkage in August I’m around.

  2. Agents and shrinks (and France) take August off.
    What else do agents and shrinks have in common? They are nuts.
    Nothing of interest to contribute re: Jenn Garner & Cap1 as I am not in the loop.

  3. Betsy your blog is the only one I read besides my own. It’s got pizazz (which looks so much like ‘pizza’!) and is the length of my attention span.
    As for Jenn and Ben(n) — my theory is that his having slave-owning ancestors (which he had public television cover up) was the last straw. As for Cap 1, maybe with age she is prying herself from her hard left stance? Also, a gal needs to pay the rent…
    I was a freak for her series Alias! Recently saw her in Danny Collins (with that actor’s actor Al Pacino whom I also culturally crushed out on) and she was really good. She’s a damn good actress!

  4. I quit the therapy business, so I’m taking August and every other month off for the next fifty years.

    Here’s to Time.

  5. Time off?
    What’s that?

  6. I’m breaking up with my shrink on Friday. Betsy’s post reminded me that all the Boston-area therapists are headed for the Vineyard or the Cape, so I guess I’ll be sans therapy in August. Oh well. Maybe I’ll take adult swimming lessons, or macrame. Maybe I’ll lounge around the pool at the Y reading People Magazine. As for Bennifer, I agree with Edie. Pressuring PBS to cover up his slave-owning ancestors was not Affleck’s finest hour. Perhaps that was the tipping point.Jennifer has a lavish lifestyle to support. Hence, Capital One.

  7. So…are you taking August off? ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜€

  8. I’ve been taking late July off to write. Evidently in my brain, a vacation is a day at my dining room table, cussing at The Fucker. Anyway beaches bore me.

  9. Jennifer Garner has always been one of those actresses (to me anyway) with this certain, je ne sais pas…something missing. The something missing I can’t put my finger on…but, if a movie came out starring her, it doesn’t make me say, “Oh, I got to go see that” like I would if it were Reese Witherspoon, Meryl Streep, or Helen Mirren.

    Sure, Jennifer G is pretty. She seems fairly successful. IDK. She might have looked at Capital One as a sure thing. Since Ben may not be.

    “Any agent worth her salt takes August off.” Now that smacks of success, doesn’t it?

  10. I will not be taking August off. Instead I’ll be listening to my boss tell us all about his trip to Watershed in his new motor home with his buddies and three porn stars they met last year at some similar event—stories he’ll relay at full volume, for the benefit of our elderly patients, and with as much detail as he can muster after six straight days on a diet of moonshine and Slim Jims. Yesterday he brought in his red, white and blue short-shorts to show us. Because, ‘Merica.

  11. Guy just came into the post office, got his letters, magazines and 3 packages of medication by mail. We were chatting and he made a kind of funny face, smiled meekly and I wondered if it was something I said. He quickly bid adieu and all of a sudden I caught a whiff of a god awful smell, like something had climbed up the guy’s ass and died. Relief through anal exhalation It lingered for awhile in the heat and humidity of the tiny lobby space and I wondered what Jennifer Garner would think of that.
    Have a good vacation!

  12. She was a big time editor with a big time misguided ego…good for you
    I’m taking my first summer off ever to edit a first book…a memoir…hopefully ill do some nose picking too….

  13. My bosses, the lawyers, ask me almost every Friday, “So, any plans for the weekend?”

    I tell them, “I plan on not being here,” or, “The usual. Laundry and catching up on everything I can’t get done while I’m here or on the train,” or — and this bugs the one who was an English major — “Writing.”

    The one who was an English major says he admires my discipline. I admire it too.

    As I likewise admire the discipline that led him to giving up the lit life for the law life, so that he can run a firm that can employ me as I earn never enough to actually go anywhere beyond my working and living neighborhoods. . .

    B’cept for the places my fancy takes me.

    Still. . .

    I do sometimes miss my distant heimat, and dream of its mountains, forests, and endless desiccation (which word I didn’t know I knew how to spell until now).

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