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    Bridge Ladies When I set out to learn about my mother's bridge club, the Jewish octogenarians behind the matching outfits and accessories, I never expected to fall in love with them. This is the story of the ladies, their game, their gen, and the ragged path that led me back to my mother.
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So I TUrned Myself To Face Me

Dear Friends of this blog: Remember Sherry Stanfa-Stanley? She was one of the nutters who regularly showed up  here at the mental institution. Well, it looks like ECT may be in order. SSS is embarking on a project called THe 52/52 project wherein she attempts to defy life’s all around go fuck yourselfness and, um, break free? Break down? Break out? Get a book deal? C’mon, friend her. Or at least do an intervention. How can you not love SSS? I do. By the way, she wins an eating contest? BFD, I do that every day. (Is it me or does that hot dog look 3-D?)

My name is Sherry, and I am changing my life.

As I whimpered past the age of 50, I realized I’d spent the last 30 years doing the same ordinary things. Every. Single. Day. I know many people, especially my female friends, who are in a similar rut: those who spend more than their share of evenings folding clothes in front of the TV, daydreaming about the world out there while they contemplate having that second bowl of ice cream. So, in the last three months, I sold my house, bought a condo, and lost nearly 30 pounds (with more than a few to go). And then I started pondering how I might shake up my life in a number of smaller ways. Thus was born, The 52/52 Project

As I turn 52 this year, I am embarking on a list of 52 things I’ve never before done—experiences well outside my comfort zone. They range from taking belly-dancing classes (already begun and soon-to-be ended for humane reasons) to spending the night in a haunted house (I do believe in spooks, I do, I DO), to getting a Brazilian wax (just shoot me now). Join me in jumping the curb, taking a detour from the cul-de-sac to visit personally unexplored territories.

Follow along at: https://www.facebook.com/The52at52Project

32 Responses

  1. Yeeeee-haw Sherry! Sorry I have not come up with an idea yet..things have gone to shit around here. In a good way, but still.

  2. Sherry, if anyone can do all these insane things you are planning to do, it’s you. I look forward to reading your book and laughing my ass off all the way through.

    Betsy, so nice to have a blog post pop up in my inbox.

    Betsy and Sherry – dream team.

  3. I’ve seen the 52 to do list. (She’s my little sis, and she shared.) Some fun. Some dangerous. Many will be awkward and quite embarrassing. Hope to witness a few of those. Yes, please follow Sherry as she makes tracks (and possibly an ass of herself) outside of the cul de sac.

  4. Will you post pictures? Um, maybe that’s not such a hot idea. Anyway, good for you. I’ve already “liked” your page…and I recently posted about “visitors” to my house. You are invited to come spend the night – if you dare. 🙂

  5. Oh, yes, Betsy, that hot dog certainly does look 3-D… that’s the closest I’ve been to one in two years.

  6. This is gonna be good! Go, Sherry!

  7. Hey Betsy, I have news. I’m getting my jaw off the floor. I’ve been working down the mine a long time, and your daily blog was a tiny light that made me feel at least if I were crazy, I was in good company. Thank you very much for every one I read. Now, things have got a bit surreal. See attached.

    Hope you’re very well.


  8. You Go Grrrl!!

  9. Thanks so much, Betsy! And I will let you know if ECT makes it onto my list…

    BTW, perfect title for this, too. This was one of my favorite songs in high school, and I always said I wanted it played at my funeral. Thanks for the reminder. The way things are going, I’m likely to die of fear, disgust, or humiliation any day now.

    • Here’s one you can add, but you’ll probably think it is too extreme. Too perilous. How ’bout ironing an item of clothing? I know you voluntarily gave up custody of the iron in the divorce, but, I’ll come and video the event!

    • Next to the Brazilian wax and doing a stand-up routine at a comedy club, ironing would be the most terrifying item on my list.

  10. And thanks, everyone, for all your kind words and enthusiasm!

  11. Yay, Sherry. Ouch, ouch, ouch to the Brazalian and one more OUCH! I’m starving and that hot dog looks good.

  12. do it!

    do it do it do it

    and then do it!

    for sooner than you know, you will be turning fifty-five, and believe me, that’s when the shit gets real. the end-times come nigh. you start qualifying for discounts you once thought laughable, even pathetic. and your premiums go up.

  13. Sherry, you da man. I’m so proud of you!!! (and of course I’m already following along!)

  14. I’m with you all the way Sherry. This is gonna happen! Xcat

  15. Wanna sky dive.please, please, please, lets sky dive, I wanna flyyyyy, oh wait…jump and I’d poop my pants. Oh well so much for being a bird.

    You lost 30 lbs, I lost 92. Weight loss makes you want to do crazy stuff, maybe it’s the lack of ass-ballast.

    You are awesome babe, you got big ones. Wish I thought of it. At my age I’d have to do too many things, they would probably kill me.

  16. I’m ready to do the ECT whenever Madame Sherry is in need. Go Sherry Go!!

  17. You’re breathing new life into your 52 years and soon you’ll be glowing, if you’re not already. Best of luck with your project, Sherry!

  18. Thought you were kidding Betsy as it took me awhile to find this on FB. She’s a funny read though not nearly as hilarious as you. Inspires me – and reminded me I will turn 52 at year’s end – gives me six+ months to find a project but will have something to do with writing. Life I’ve lived to the fullest. Writing for others is a snap. Writing from my own voice about my own thoughts is a whole ‘nother bowl of bouillabaisse. Thanks for kicking me in the pants. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  19. Plus! SSS is one of the funniest humans I’ve ever met. So not only will she be engaging in comfort-zone busting activities, her reportage will be pee-your-pants hilarious. Ok, after Averil gets her exclusive guest post thingy, I want a follow up interview on my blog. Pleeeeeeeeezzzz?!

    Go Sherry!

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