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    Bridge Ladies When I set out to learn about my mother's bridge club, the Jewish octogenarians behind the matching outfits and accessories, I never expected to fall in love with them. This is the story of the ladies, their game, their gen, and the ragged path that led me back to my mother.
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All the Leaves Are Brown and the Sky is Grey

My Guy! Aaaron Paul! Winner! Congrats, Beautiful.

Posting live from the Emmy’s and I just want to say that I feel honored to be nominated in a category with as many talented and brilliant and wonderful actors and just being in your esteemed company is a prize. And I want to thank my acting teacher in the ninth grade and our housekeeper who read lines with me and and my TA freshman year at Harvard and my personal shopper Freddie and the third fry at Five Guys, you know why. Does my peel on tan look as bad as your peel on tan. Does this dress make my ass sag? I want to thank the brilliant creators, the team of writers, you guys are the best and make me look so good. HBO THANK YOU for doing what you do and giving artists the opportunity to be…artists.  I want to thank the cast and crew, oh god, you are all so talented. Squeal! Thank you thank you thank you.

Is it me or is Amy Poehler showing more bosom than ever before? Is it me or is Tina Fey’s hair stylist a meth head? Does Kristin Wiig need one? What’s with the color, girlfriend, you are not a mahogany dresser. Is it me or am I bleeding?

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  1. Dunno. I was busy watching Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy with my teenage son. Good times.

  2. I have man from 7ht grade bullying me on my Facebook page. He’s a tea partier. He didn’t like me in 7th grade, and here we are. 35 fucking years later. I vote for Martha Plimpton, for so many reasons.

  3. Emmy who?
    That’s not a tan, I haven’t showered.
    No your dress does not make your ass sag, your ass makes your ass sag.

  4. Are the Emmy’s on tonight? My family is glued to the Reds game right now–the howling is driving me nuts.

  5. I now only know a fraction of the cellulite-ridden Caught On Camera cover girls on the tabloids. There I am, contemplating a pack of root-beer-float flavored gum in the checkout at Albertson’s, scratching my ass and furrowing my brow. They refer to these gals by only their first names. Who the hell is Brooklyn? Is that her real name?

    I don’t watch the Emmys for the same reason. I mean, I used to be the age of my dad’s Playboy centerfolds. Then I was the age of their mothers. It’s now biologically possible that I could be one of their grandmothers. You know, with all the hormones in the meat and everything. So, I’m passing on the fucking Emmys.

  6. what’s emmy doing that i should watch her? another fan dance? yawn yawn.

  7. Oh come on Betsy, who designed your dazzling dress!!

  8. I am mildly pleased to say that I missed the Emmy’s, and didn’t miss them at all. The weather is spectacular, and I got indoors just in time to see the season opener of Treme.

  9. Can’t talk. Must watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbzC6KWkYjw over and over and over again.

  10. Off-subject, sort of, but did anyone else read THE NEW YORKER article on the Wachowkis (The Matrix) making “Cloud Atlas” into a movie? Astonishing.

  11. There was something screwy with the lighting at the podium. The woman who used to be in Friday Night Lights and also the Good Wife star (I’m enough of a star fucker to remember shows but not enough to remember names) looked horrible, I mean really dreadful. And they are two good looking women. It had to be the lighting, right?

    • I totally agree. they looked shockingly awful. My heart bleeds for them for when they see the replay. Either bad lighting or sadistic make-up people.

  12. Didn’t watch – had to get my weekly dose of Boardwalk Empire. I love that show.

  13. hella amazing! you were posting “from” the Emmys? I would have said hello, but didn’t know you were at Nokia. red eye back to NYC must have been brutal

  14. Never watch the Emmys.
    Who’s Kristin Wiig?
    As for Aaron Paul–just brilliant. I suspect he will be a major movie star one day or there is no justice (which, by the way, is the big question for Breaking Bad–it just ain’t gonna end well for those guys, I’m thinking).

  15. Lay on amazing bed with Kindle and bowl of Goldfish crackers balanced on chest. Look at dresses later on OMG. Martha Plimpton looked her all time best.

  16. Have to tell you Betsy, whenever me and my daughter are having a rough day, the cleaning of our book is getting to us, we’re at each others throats over whether or not the mc should walk away, or say his peace, or running through our writing room in circles screaming “wordcounts what?!” We stop, go into our email, and check out your blog. You never fail to keep us laughing and shouting out, give em’ hell Bets! Been in this for a short time compared to most, but after a few years of networking, have yet to find a blog we enjoy more than yours! Keep up the posts, it’s the cherry on our sundae everytime!

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