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    Bridge Ladies When I set out to learn about my mother's bridge club, the Jewish octogenarians behind the matching outfits and accessories, I never expected to fall in love with them. This is the story of the ladies, their game, their gen, and the ragged path that led me back to my mother.
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It’s Getting to the Point When I’m No Fun Anymore

I am so in my head. For the last three weeks, I’ve gone through my manuscript on paper, filled half a notebook with rewritten and new scenes, did a chronological timeline for accuracy, a map for major characters, I’ve weighed chopping a key chapter in two. I’ve gone back and forth between dividing the book in two or three parts. I’ve identified the phrases I need to word search for repetition, I’ve thought of more possible titles, I’ve got a list of things I need to research a little more. I’ve done index cards on my bulletin board, moved them around like checkers, and revised the first four chapters.

Do you like any of these titles:

The Most of It

Just for One Day

Lemon Tree

Shred Sisters

26 Responses

  1. Shred Sisters
    Just For One Day

  2. Shred sisters!

  3. Shred Sisters!

  4. Lemon Tree!

  5. I need to know what the story is about. None of those titles strikes me as a winner. I always check to make sure no other thing has my title. One title, my musical, is the same as a terrible song. Keep churning. You’re on the right track. Titles are the way in…

  6. Shred Sisters. It evokes.
    Just For One Day promises a lil’ something, but I could get behind Shred Sisters.

  7. Lemon Tree

    I would buy the book for the title alone. I love the song and the story it tells. I can picture the cover art–dark green leaves on a tree heavy with gorgeous yellow fruit that’s “impossible to eat.”


    Made me laugh. It’s great.

  9. Shred Sisters is probably best for now.

  10. Just for One Day immediately conjures Bowie. If that’s the intent then good. But it’s hard to say without knowing what the book is about. OT: Do you know Dope Lemon? He has this one sweet song: https://youtu.be/9ju-Qj8xFQk

  11. I’m awful with titles so I’ll be no help, but I love this glimpse into your revision. I know you’re not much interested in process, Betsy, how the sausage is made and whatnot, but I can’t get enough of that shit. Index card checkerboard, character map, notebook full of scenes? Swoon. Tell me you use color-coded sticky tabs and a rainbow set of highlighters, you sweet talker you.

  12. I like all the titles. I have no idea if any one of them is best or even appropriate for your book.

    Really. No idea.

    Now comes the part of the comment where I show off. Here’s a link to my latest published work: https://www.propagule.co/fiction/the-correction-ribbon

  13. You’re still fun. No idea what suits your book best.

  14. Shred Sisters

  15. I’d pick up Lemon Tree from the table to read the jacket. Maybe Shred Sisters, but I would definitely pick up Shred, without the Sisters in the title.

  16. Without knowing anything else, I’d pick Lemon Tree, because it’s appealing and I’d want to read the book. Believe me, you are absolutely a lot of fun, Betsy! I’d like to know more about your system with index cards. Jude

  17. In a word: primitive.

  18. I like The Most of It (not knowing anything about the story, this title grabs me).

  19. I’m late. Am I too late?

    Shred Sisters – for now.

    It’s provocative.

  20. Shared Sisters. Lemon Tree as a distant second.

  21. Just for One Day sounds intriguing to me…

  22. “The Most of It” was the only one that drew me to question what it meant. Not out of confusion, but because it implies there’s a story there, and now I’m curious. I want to know more. It, that, and them are powerful words in the context of omission. What is that one thing you won’t do for love? What exactly is hiding in the sewer? Was that longing, hatred, or the exhaustion of your sanity when you spoke of “them”?

    The most of what, and why is (or isn’t) that enough?

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