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    Bridge Ladies When I set out to learn about my mother's bridge club, the Jewish octogenarians behind the matching outfits and accessories, I never expected to fall in love with them. This is the story of the ladies, their game, their gen, and the ragged path that led me back to my mother.
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That’s Why I’ll Always be Around

Day 21 limping along to be honest. Mostly played footsie with early pages. fixing typos, laying in descriptions. It’s all part of the same flag. There are just some days when all you can do is move the pawn back and forth on the board.

Is anyone out there still writing? I feel you slipping away.

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  1. I’m here. Editing mostly but that still counts, right? Spent my 30 today on a single sentence. Jesus.

  2. Still here. Wishing I was writing at even your pace. But grateful to follow along…whispers in my ear.

  3. my shoe is pinching. but i wrote a few sentences today and tomorrow is another day, and, well, fuck it. i’ll keep going. gah.


  4. I’m doing extremely well … at least 2.5 pages a day, despite visiting my brother in Florida (ie. not in my usual set-up). It helps that I was smack in the middle of the novel when we started the Dirty Thirty. I didn’t want to rave here because sometimes that can be oft-putting to others. But, well, I’m raving. THIS HAS WORKED FOR ME.

  5. I’m still with you! Some days are a little slower than others, but mostly fab. I was hoping to start doing my 30 in the morning, but I always end up writing late. It works for me because I’m not a morning person, but it would work better for my sleep if I could manage some time in the morning. I’ll keep working on that. Otherwise, I’m loving it! ❤

  6. Oh, my aching back. I meant to stop at 30, but the characters were gaining dimensions – and it was cloudy outside, so why leave the couch? – and suddenly four hours melted. The real world pales. In other words, I’m still writing. Wonder if it’s any good at all…?

  7. A little slippage but far from gone. Today I had a staring contest with a page. I was the first one to blink. Then read a bunch of lists like, Best Books of 2001 So Far, and I thought, why the hell am I doing this? Look at all these geniuses. Feeling that Imposter Syndrome snake up my spine and settle into my neck. But everyday you check in and I hear you – sometimes humming along, sometimes holding your breath. Either way it doesn’t matter because I hear you and it makes it all real. Even a little bit possible. And that’s a gift.

  8. I’m so tired of writing nonfiction that I wrote 1000 words of a schlock novel yesterday. Checking in here is my extra coffee in the morning before I confront the page. I’m having an adversarial relationship with my writing, but I’m still here. Fighting.

  9. Still here, still editing.

  10. I’m not slipping. I’m just over here being quietly thrilled with myself for hanging in there.

  11. I’m always still writing, and I’m always slipping away. Soon, all that will be left of me is my grin.

  12. Here, always here, always writing, or fiddling with the writing.

    Yesterday I did a lot of fixing. What a pain historical facts can be – and because of a historical fact, I had to revisit many spots in the ms and adjust ages and scenarios. Sometimes a historical fact will pop up, and it’s like “oooo, that’s too useful not to use” and hence the backtracking – and I’m not sure all those changes now make for a cohesive narrative in spots. What a PITA. Then I added new words.

    I’m also trying to not to freak out over a Zoom call today with Overdrive and a bunch of other authors as well as some publishing folks and librarians.

  13. I was here before, now during, and I’ll be here after.
    Like Independentclause I am tired of non fiction so I’m writing fiction mixed with historical fact like Donnaeve.
    The best part is that I am learning, discovering and in love with a family that exists because I want it to.

  14. Still here, doing well.
    On the hillside outside my window, a young woman is playing fetch with her beautiful pale blonde Lab. The dog is romping through the snow at full speed, putting on the brakes, grabbing the stick and turning on a dime to enthusiastically return the retrieved stick. The woman is clearly enjoying the game as well. The dog takes off again, on a mission to faithfully return the stick, snow flying like scattered words in the cold morning.

  15. Today! Xo

  16. Headed to my writing desk now! Xo

  17. Yes! We’re here! And so are you! Thanks for the continuing gentle nudges.

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