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    Bridge Ladies When I set out to learn about my mother's bridge club, the Jewish octogenarians behind the matching outfits and accessories, I never expected to fall in love with them. This is the story of the ladies, their game, their gen, and the ragged path that led me back to my mother.
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You Came and You Gave Without Taking

Is god in the details? Do writers see more than other people? Are you more sensitive, more attuned? Do you have a thin skin? Do you dream about people and they appear the next day with cherry pie? Do you think of a friend and suddenly she calls, out of the clear? Did you leave the number of a psychiatrist in your black cashmere coat? Or find a rock with a ring around it? Why do you need to write things down? Why do you act more needy than you are? Why do think you’re different? Did you fold a poem into a book of poems from a young man who lied to you? Are you a writer or a shed?

Do you think you’re better than other people?

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  1. Are you feeling super-desperate tonight, given that you used a Barry Manilow lyric as your headline?

  2. do we need rain, well why cry when it rains, as for the warnings and wonders of Jesus, we need story, amen

  3. Yes. Not necessarily. In some ways, yes, in others, no. Not so much. No. It has happened. No. No. Fear, loneliness, heartache. Same. I am. No. I am a human, from earth. Yes. I’m sorry. Please don’t hurt me.

  4. “Do you think you’re better than other people?”

    The honest answer is yep, sometimes. It’s in that moment when I think to myself, good God, I’d never do that.

    We’ve all had that thought – or said it. To think it/say it means at that given moment, we have a superior sense of ourselves.

    (And that is one cute bunny.)

  5. More the opposite. Once I purposely left a bag of pot in a foreign, third world country bathroom. Bought it from a kid outside a small village for, like, 75 cents. I was getting ready to fly home. I left a note for the next recipient, but I misspelled my intent and wrote, Bon ApeTit. Silly me. I certainly didn’t feel smug when I realized my error much later. Speaking of 3rd World countries, Myanmar is undergoing a coup that would make former president trump have a series of little orgasms. I don’t know that I can see or feel more than others, but I certainly think anyone with eyes wide open would see that the world is in a whole lot of trouble right now. Looking beyond ourselves is the best we can do.

  6. To every yin there’s a yang. Sometimes I do feel I’m better than others, and sometimes I feel I’m not a good as myself.

  7. I love this!
    No answers needed.
    Just keep asking.

  8. Do you think you’re better than other people?

    Hell yes I do.
    I’m a whole lot better then than the ones I’m not better than. If we were talking percentages…um…math…I’m way low on that list.

  9. Yes of course, and no. The young men who gave me poems (so few) received no merci. Nor did the women.

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