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I Want It That Way

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I’m sure I’ve talked about this before, but it’s on my mind. In his diary of making his first movie, Spike Lee said that whenever he talked about a project too much it wouldn’t happen. Whenever I succumb and tell a person what I’m working on, I feel ashamed later. What am I trying to prove? I always feel better when I don’t yap about my projects. It’s superstitious on one level, but it’s more than that. It’s about honoring the sanctity of your inner world.  Bam!

Are you a yapper or the silent type when it comes to your                                                          work?

15 Responses

  1. A total Yapper. But it has the opposite effect on me. Every time i talk about it i get more confident about it and reinvigorated to write it.

  2. Silent type. … That’s it, that’s all I’m gonna say.

  3. I was a yapper, but, the longer I’m at it, the more silent I’ve become. People, well meaning, I’m sure, will say things like, “How’s the project coming along?” or, “did you write today?” or “when will you finish?”

    They’re just curious about the whole process, and meanwhile, for me, I’m having a nails on chalkboard moment.

  4. I prefer not to talk about it. It helps that I don’t know anyone who wants to hear about it.

  5. Definitely a yapper.

  6. Silent, almost embarrassed. There’s an aura, a mist that I inhabit, like a cloud. You might say I’m more vaping than yapping.

  7. Silent. Private A total introvert. I even use a pen name. I guess I’m not much of a people person.

  8. The seeds are silent. Then comes the work, silent except for the click of the keys. Writing is my private refuge.

  9. i stay quiet but i have a couple friends with whom i talk specifics–like interesting research i come across, etc.. it pains me to apply for funding and have to explain my project(s) because the writing world in Canada is small and gossipy.

    i also feel that talking about my project takes the energy down and that’s not helpful. there are so many distractions. like the construction project next door. i wonder if i’m writing construction verbs? #crikey


  10. I say to myself, don’t talk, write. I used to know a writer who wouldn’t talk about his ideas because he was afraid people would steal from him but he was a jerk.–I’m not afraid of that–but I can talk so much that I feel like I’ve done it and then there’s no writing.

  11. Almost a month after this was posted and I finally show up.
    I’m a yapper, TO MYSELF, in the car. It’s amazing how brilliant and how totally stupid I sound when talking about the same project. It helps, if only to prove I’m nuts.

  12. I talk/type about it, but it’s not a choice. I don’t choose to or not to.

    The more I’m in my writing instincts the cleaner the valves are and the more ideas that need to pour out of me that aren’t strictly related to the writing I’m doing.

    For example, if I wasn’t writing fiction right now I wouldn’t be looking for outlets like this one to comment on.

    The creativity is either flowing like mad or not at all. I’m its slave I don’t get a say.

    I don’t care what people say or think about it. The more I’m disliked the better it is for my creativity. I like to be in provoking situations when I’m writing a lot. Keeps me sharp and alive. It shows in my writing.

  13. Philip K Dick famously talked up his works as he wrote them to anyone who would listen. So the PR goes. Makes sense to me, Bounce it around get some early review. The only time your work will disappear into someone else’s hands is when it is old hat. There are no secrets. Inner world? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. You’ll like mine if it looks like yours.

  14. I got the idea a long time ago that if you talk about a writing project, you inadvertently steal energy from it. If you tell a story, for example, your brain will think you’ve already done that and there is no need to write it down. So I’m silent about my writing projects. Silent. And now I have to write a query letter!!!!! Wha??!!

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