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    Bridge Ladies When I set out to learn about my mother's bridge club, the Jewish octogenarians behind the matching outfits and accessories, I never expected to fall in love with them. This is the story of the ladies, their game, their gen, and the ragged path that led me back to my mother.
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There’s More Than One Answer to These Questions

Today, on the down staircase, I was behind a young man whose t-shirt said, “Love your haters. They are your biggest fans.” Which means I am my biggest fan because I am my biggest hater. Go me! Do you think that your haters are your biggest fans because hating takes so much energy, impressive energy. I know I’m totally enthralled with the people I hate. I probably think about them more than the people I love. I hate myself for saying that.  My mother once told me not to waste my energy hating. That it hurts me more than it hurts them. Yes! Yes! Hating and self-loathing meet like the two rivers that flow into an estuary. And I hate myself for saying estuary.

What do you hate?

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  1. All very true. Hate isn’t like love – it’s not fickle. It comes on strong and sticks like gorilla glue.

    • I forgot to answer the question – the current political environment. Everyone would say that I think. The opposing side are like two packs of feral dogs fighting to the death.

      I hate I feel like I can’t express opinions without being viewed in a different way.

      Social media – ha. It’s a love/hate relationship there.

  2. I am the only one who thinks I’m important enough to hate (except for [random writing girl from years ago], what the fuck is up with that?).

  3. “What do you hate?”

    Ignorance. Ignorance of a type, that type being stubborn, willful ignorance in the face of contravening reason or facts. That type of ignorance infuriates me.

  4. Anyone who has this to say about our country, current immigration and environmental policies and the present political climate: We’re better than this. No, we’re not. We’re a nation founded on murder and robbery — stole the land we live upon — and embraced slavery in its very worse form. As a country we were at our best when we fought to reverse these injustices, but we just never seem to learn. We’re better than this, right now? Prove it, motherfucker.

  5. Peanut butter, tequila, high heeled shoes, the slow seepage of Trumpy stuff into Canada.

  6. I don’t do hate well. I excel at it for a bit; then, feel tremendous guilt because I start thinking about their feelings and motivations. I am much better at quiet superiority.

  7. I hate summer. Too hot, too humid, too bright, too many angry people racing around doing faux happy summer things.

  8. Hate does not serve me. When it shows up, the best thing I can do is reduce its object to insignificance. It is an unwelcome visitor, and requires a scuffle to show it the door. There is no peace and little reason when hate is aboard.

  9. 1. lying
    2. laundry
    3. mansplaining
    4. a girl bully named Darla from long, long ago
    5. people who are rude to waitstaff

    i’m frightened of what’s going on with Trump’s reach, that gut weakening fright.


  10. I spend a lot of time thinking about hate, especially as it relates to politics, and never really get anywhere. But today, there was a brilliant thread about it on Twitter, posted by a trans woman every political junkie should be following.

  11. There is an antagonistic person in my life. He provokes me to anger and, yes, I feel hatred toward him sometimes. I push it away as soon as I can. I don’t want that feeling. He’s manipulative. He’s a chess player and a player-player, a sex machine now that he can afford the “dates” he finds online. He provokes me so he can use my anger against me. I need to get smarter when dealing with him.

  12. The only thing I HATE, lima beans. I dislike intensely the politics of today and those leading us to hell. Judge me if you want, history will be on my side.

  13. Be easy on yourself for saying “estuary”, it’s not that bad of a word. It has flow. There are far worse words than estuary. My sister hates the word “puff. I know several people who can’t stand the word “panty”.

  14. I hate bad coffee! Anyway, remember to love yourself as your neighbor (maybe that should be the biblical advice–I seem to find it easier to love my neighbor than myself). Good luck!

  15. LIARS.

    Sent from my iPhone


  16. I worry if I hear, “I just hate you to pieces!”

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