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    Bridge Ladies When I set out to learn about my mother's bridge club, the Jewish octogenarians behind the matching outfits and accessories, I never expected to fall in love with them. This is the story of the ladies, their game, their gen, and the ragged path that led me back to my mother.
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Song As Old a Rhyme

It’s not going to come as a surprise to anyone who regularly checks in for a little bile, but I’m a big lover of Beauty and the Beast. Big. Saw it today with about 300 screaming children at a Florida mall and loved every Disnified moment. Both a little scared, neither one prepared…I also really love parades, the dinkier the better, and small children wear ing glasses, and mutts.

What do you have a soft spot for?

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  1. Little kids’ clothes–the fancier and more expensive the better–the kind royal children wear. And banjo playing. And Joan Baez. I so wanted to be her. And depression-era photos. And my father. He’d be 106 if he were still alive. He never said he loved me and he never hugged me, but I knew by the way he treated me that he wouldn’t trade me for any other daughter. Once he called me sweetheart and he cried at my wedding. Not many girls are as lucky as I was in the daddy department.

  2. Fast old motorbikes that are all go and no show. Also, their human equivalents.

  3. Baby animals-kittens, puppies, lambs, foals, calves, even sharks and rays and little humans. Vintage cars, like Jim Clark’s Lotus, the birdcage Maserati, the old Testa Rosa and GTO……old seat of the pants , and old woodworking tools, like planes, hand drills and saws.by
    Old sailboats with spoon bows, long sheers and overhanging sterns. Old workboats built by those who use them.

    My deepest heart smiles and hurts for tribal people caught and crushed by the modern, then scattered and forgotten like confetti. That is the softest spot of all.

  4. Beware the dancing cursor- seat of the pants airplanes, not pants pants. Sorry.

  5. Grouchy old dudes, rescue dogs, and dandelions

  6. “What do you have a soft spot for?”

    Cats. Children. Susan. Certain records (quite a few, actually, now that I think about it). Sunlight. The desert. The Rocky Mountains. New York City.

  7. The unexpected and unnecessary. I often get choked up hearing music I know really well; there’s a moment of hesitation in Yakov Kosman’s performance of Pictures at an Exhibition that reliably knocks me flat, you can HEAR him make that choice. Likewise in Brad Mehldau’s solo performance of Paranoid Android, a subtle transposition at the end of the second verse that just doesn’t need to be there, as perfect as the red patch on the back of the woodpecker’s neck.

    Earnestness always guts me. That’s why I loved teaching so much, the moment when some student opens her heart and tells me what she really wants, when he chooses a topic that’s unique to him. I had a Taiwanese student once, years ago, who went by the Americanized name Howard. And as he was working on his paper in my class, about interracial marriage and the pressures he was facing from his mother to find a nice Chinese girl, he began signing his work as Po Hao. I still get shivers over that.

  8. The hands of people, how they flutter, and worry, the knuckle rubbings, and finger tapping, giving away true feelings without even knowing it.

    Definitely, most definitely dogs, in all their various shapes and sizes. “herb” above mentions earnestness – that’s what I see in a dog’s eyes. That open earnestness, their willingness to please. I am slayed by the rescue commercials. I want to save them all.

    And to that, all animals. Every single one. Show me an animal, cute or not – because no matter how smelly, ugly or dangerous, my heart turns to mush.

  9. Children’s laughter and their pure delight in simple things. Once I was in the library and, even though my daughter was in daycare, I heard a little girl call to her father, “Daddy, pick uppy!” just like my little girl would say, and I involuntarily turned, ready to open my arms wide.

  10. New Age music brings me to my knees and gets me bawling.
    But, it is my grandchildren who own my ever-lovin’ heart.

    And, I just thought of something else. The Fixer Upper show reveal when they pull apart the giant old-photo and the people see their home for the first time all new and beautiful, I love that, and when the owner cries, golly gee wiz, I wish it were me.

  11. Kindness. I have been found tearing up watching Andy Griffith episodes. People with soft spots. Sweet, meaningless gestures.

  12. Gallery walls. Mismatched china. Imperfection.

  13. Hillary Clinton. More than ever.

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