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    Bridge Ladies When I set out to learn about my mother's bridge club, the Jewish octogenarians behind the matching outfits and accessories, I never expected to fall in love with them. This is the story of the ladies, their game, their gen, and the ragged path that led me back to my mother.
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When So Many Love You Is It the Same?


Okay, guys, my book is #8 on the Toronto bestseller list. I know. Take it easy. Some of my best friends are Canadian: Ryan Gosling, Paul Anka, Donald Sutherland, Justin Bieber and my main man, Keanu. It’s funny, too, because when people ask my mother how she feels about the book, she says she’s moving to Canada. Canada, get off my D. I love you Neil Young.

Margaret Atwood or Alice Munro? Explain.

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  1. hey congrats!

    Alice Munro. i’m partial to her headbands. and she responds to your letters/postcards/packages of adoration too. but that’s another story.

  2. I remember when David Letterman harassed Justin for getting one tattoo on his wrist–but I’m sharing this because of his classic “Sixteenth Chapel.”

  3. We love everyone up here, Betsy. We are the country of acceptance, tolerance, blah, blah, blabbity blah. Seriously though, we are the home of Canada Reads, a multi-day Gladiator type event for bookworms. The nation is riveted by it every year. Google and ye shall receive. Congrats, if you can make it here, you’ll make it everywhere. Alice and Atwood (who I once ate dinner next to, stared at her the whole time, not weird at all) would love you.

  4. Congratulations! Munro makes me feel cold and depressed, so I gotta love her. Atwood, she is fantastic with her wonderful, wonderful worlds. Is that a photo of Miley Cyrus at the top of your post?

  5. Ah Toronto. I miss you. Glad it’s treating you well Betsy.

  6. Ooooooh CANN-AH-DAH, I love their national anthem.
    Atwood all the way.

  7. Atwood because she’s a poet and a good one

    • …….
      I would like to be the air
      that inhabits you for a moment
      only. I would like to be that unnoticed
      & that necessary.

  8. I can’t see The Bridge Ladies not continuing to climb lists.

    I have quite a few friends in Canada, and enjoyed the biz trips I took there. Ottawa and Toronto are beautiful cities. We took a cab over to Hull so we could gamble one night. Well, my co-workers gambled, I people watched.

    Atwood or Munro? Neither. A new author (not new really, only to me) I’ve just started reading – Kelly Link. I just received her book of short stories called GET IN TROUBLE. Think I’m going to love it.

  9. Margaret Atwood. Surfacing is one of the bravest books I’ve ever read.
    Justin Trudeau is just getting started. If Trump wins, the border is not that far away.
    And congratulations — Toronto is a very hip city.

    • I rarely ask for autographs but at a reading for another more recent novel, I asked her to sign my old falling apart paperback of Surfacing. One book I’ll never let go. And don’t let Trump drive you away, not even in imagination.

  10. McGill Univ. in Montreal is where I cut my teeth on writing stories. Read them, wrote them and devoured the works of both these writers. Love Canada, but it was COLD!

  11. Margaret Atwood, but only because I know her work better. Have you ever heard her talk? Such a mind she has.

  12. Congratzarooni, Bets!

  13. Greetings from Vancouver! when I was starting out in publishing in TO, your name was so familiar to me… heard it often when I worked at Doubleday Canada. Now I can’t wait to read your book! My mom plays bridge too.

  14. Neil Young just allowed Trumpet to use Keep on Rocking. Still love him? #helpless

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