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    Bridge Ladies When I set out to learn about my mother's bridge club, the Jewish octogenarians behind the matching outfits and accessories, I never expected to fall in love with them. This is the story of the ladies, their game, their gen, and the ragged path that led me back to my mother.
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Nothing’s Gonna Change My World


Okay, so i’m giving my first reading tomorrow with one eyebrow. So be it. To my dearest darling readers of this blog since I started it some seven or more years ago: thank you. I found my voice here (and I know how douchy that sounds). But I let my freak flag fly and you generally encouraged me. Except for the guy who said he wanted to stab me and Patti Smith together with a pitchfork. Sure. I get it.

Right now, as expected, self-loathing and slight activation have arrived right on time. DOn’t tell me to feel better. It only makes me more murderous. I’m sick you guys. I haven’t been kidding.

Come out if you can: THe Corner Bookstore. 1313 Madison Avenue 6-7:30 Would be great to see you. xo


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  1. Hey, we’re all freaks here! But you’re the freak with the beloved blog and the brand-new book!! Step away from the tweezers and pick up your book to read to your very first live audience. I just may be among them.

  2. I wish I could come out to this! There in spirit & wishing you a great reading full of freaks.

  3. I’ll still be in Texas, but sure wish I could be there. I do have the book!

  4. Thinking of you Betsy. If I didn’t live on the other side of the world, and have a new baby to attend to, I’d be there! I only wish the book was out for Mother’s Day here – I come from a long line of bridge-playing uncommunicative passive aggressive mothers so it’s a perfect gift in my family. Also, selfishly, the best thing about this launch has been you posting again – I’m really glad you stopped so you could write a book, but I’m also glad you’re back.

    Courage ! You gave it to many of us – I hope we can return the favour now.

  5. You and Patti Smith and a pitch fork. Hmm. Sounds like a good movie. I can fathom that. If you don’t want to do the reading, I trust you. I’m in the Betsy Lerner can read camp. All the way. And who needs eyebrows. They just get in the way.

  6. Who says you need more than one eyebrow?

    You found your voice again here, and I found my tribe, and I don’t care if that sounds douchy. It’s just true. I’m a whole country away but I loved your book and will be wishing you all the best from afar. xoxo

  7. Your book came in the mail today. I’ve started reading it and I love it! That’s the truth. Your writing here has helped me more than you’ll ever know. Your generosity, warmth and intelligence shines through in all of it.
    Have a great reading.
    Eyebrows are overrated.

  8. You’re the bomb, Betsy. But I have to say that word. You know the word. It’s a bridge word and it’s a debacle, both. Plus mothers. As in motherfucking trump. Calgon, take me away. With your book. Right fucking now.

    Sorry about all the f-words.

  9. What can I tell you Shayna, I think the book is great.

    Kick some ass tonight.

  10. Bask in the white light of fear, sweat and adoration. God I admire you. Ain’t life a mixture of cotton candy and asphalt?
    Slay ’em babe, slay ’em.

  11. Mazel! Break a leg! Will be sending you great vibes & getting out to a reading soon! (Avoid getting your mustache threaded this afternoon, if you have a Frito Bandito like I do.) My addition to your previous list. 💐

  12. Feeling the nerves means you’re gonna do great.
    Kill ’em, Betsy!

  13. i got your book yesterday! are you doing a whole book tour?

  14. “Except for the guy who said he wanted to stab me and Patti Smith together with a pitchfork.” I think I remember that guy. If he’s the guy who I think he is. If not, there were two of them, then.

    I won’t repeat the name he went by. He was spooky. I tried to engage him here in discourse, rather than pretending we were all on an elevator where someone — probably the seedy-looking guy with the bad haircut and the weird glint in his eye — had just cut a loud stinky one and no one wanted to say anything about it.

    He actually came on here once pretending he was me. He was not, as I pointed out at the time. I have my own brand of crazy.

    May your reading go well. On the subject of crazy guys, there was a guy once where I was who would come to readings and be so like this other fellow I was just talking about, that he could clear the room as all in attendance sought safer precincts. He later — about five years later — committed a series of crimes I won’t detail here. I worked on his case. He was one crazy-ass dude. Certified and diagnosed. He is spending the rest of his life locked up in the state home, too crazy to be brought to trial.

    When that guy who was the guy here who I was talking about showed up, I was concerned because he reminded me of this other guy. I didn’t want him to go off. I didn’t know where he was. In reality someplace out here in the virtual world.

    Anyway, happy reading. It will go well. May you be the craziest one there. Gotta run.

  15. I wish I were in New York! Just like everyone else says, kill ’em dead.

  16. From a Neil Young song titled Little Wing:

    “All her friends call her Little Wing
    She flies rings around them all
    She comes to town when the children sing
    And leaves them feathers if they fall
    She leaves them feathers if they fall”*

    Thank you for the feathers.

    *from memory, might not be exact words

  17. Nerves are expected, but try to remember the moment! All the people are only there because they LOVE your writing and your book! That’s all that matters.

    I’m expecting TBLs to arrive today. I will try to not chase the UPS truck down and snatch it from the delivery guy’s hands, as I’d like my packages not tossed out of the truck and into the yard come Christmas.

    So, there was the time my then 11 yr old daughter came home from her father’s house in tears. He’d tried to trim her bangs – with his electric razor – and subsequently shaved off half her eyebrows.

    It will grow back. For now… watch this video. (if nothing else, this lady will crack you up) Love her!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQJS6IiC91w (I’m watching her now, you might ought to go pick up some of this eyebrow stuff she’s using – four mins well worth your time!)

  18. Break a leg, as they say. Which always feels weird to say but we still say it, in the name of love.

  19. Confession: It took me a couple of years to get the courage to join your blog. It underscores my own self-effacing, self-admonishing reality, but also the commonalities we share as writers. I love the marvelous motley of like-minded folks. Here. Wherever. Over coffee. With a bourbon. A toast to you, Betsy. Ditto to all the cheerleaders above. Good luck tomorrow!

  20. Wondrous, exciting, hive-inducing! You go! And I hope the tour continues north towards Providence – if you get closer I will drug my friends and make them come see you.

  21. “Being nervous,” some actor said somewhere, “is what proves you care.” I’d love to be there, to hear you and your book speak, but I’ve got another book event. Best wishes!

  22. Can’t make it either, but I could send my daughter? She lives in Manhattan and appreciates the well-turned phrase. Toasts to your success from down here in Texas.

  23. Leave the bodies in your wake. Knock ’em dead. Great stuff. Breathe.

  24. I’m sure your reading went well. I came to New York for a few days but already left it on May 2nd. I really miss that chance.

  25. I am giving my long awaited copy of THE BRIDGE LADIES to my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day – she played bridge and is sure to love it…which means I’ve ordered another. At least I’ll have THIS copy in my hands by May 10th. Waiting five days instead of five months is much easier!

  26. Got it, am reading, love it.

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