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They Say We’re Young and We Don’t Know


Starting Season 3 tonight. Possible double header. How did it come to this: looking forward to a TV series (albeit a great fucking one) and a 100 calorie skinny cow pop.

Husband: Is there anything you want from the store.

Wife: Those Skinny Cow pops for the one hundred calories. DOn’t bring home the sandwiches or the cones, they’re like 150 calories!!!!!

Husband: Okay, I’ll try to find them.

Here I am in fucking limbo. Will he find the pops? Will he get the wrong ones? Will McNulty shag the Prosecutor? Will David Simon step out from behind the curtain and put a single bullet in my head?

Peace and Love, Have a great weekend. Betsy

p.s. what does Friday night look like in your part?

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  1. Friday looks like the way Thursday feels. A summer cold. Playing words with Friends. Watching Mr Selfriddge as pretense to cultural preparation to a trip to London.
    Oh .. and it’s so good to here from you.
    Even a cry for Skinny Cow sounds l
    welcome .

  2. Atkins Peanut Butter Cups.

  3. Have you tried the Weight Watchers Dark Chocolate Raspberry pops? Only 90 calories–and to die for! But I’m back on the low-carb wagon so, sadly, the box of those in my freezer are even taboo.

    Tonight, I’m buckling down and pretty certain I’m close to finishing the f*cker. Hahaha. Who am I kidding?

  4. Friday night? Here in the little village beside the pond? It looks like the end of another long week spent subrogating. Yes. That’s what I do now to earn my rind. I subrogate.

    By night, I’m the mild-mannered and only slightly unhinged haunter of other people’s blogs and voyeur of FB. But by day, I’m THE SUBROGATOR, doing my part to make America safe for the unholy profits of insurance companies that will do almost anything to avoid having to pay a claim, including employing armies of low-paid adjusters and indentured attorneys to fritter away the premiums paid by people who, when they make their regular insurance payments, are unwittingly smoking some kick-ass weed that won’t get them high — the belief that they will get what they paid for.

    Oh, my pretties, they will get what they paid for, indeed they will.

  5. You won’t believe it. First, I hosted a neighborhood get-together at our pond. Everyone came with folding chairs and wine and shit. Everyone is boring, BUT IT DOESN’T MATTER. Explain that to me, if you please. Then, my partner and I swam in the indoor pool, which I’d heated to 93 degrees. It’s a weird pool. Built for Michael Weiss (Olympic skater) and his sister to practice her diving. Whatever. Now is now. I love my house so totally (google it: 1801 Gamewell Road, Sliver Spring, Maryand 20905). Next week, I’ll be on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Am I complaining? Nope.

  6. Friday night , Mr. Robot with Turkey Hill and strawberries for a chaser.
    Friday day…oh wait you weren’t asking about today.

  7. Friday & Saturday night in Milledgeville, GA: 50 year high school reunion! In a room with people all the same age who still remember when cokes went from 5 cents to 6 & you had to take that penny to school.

  8. I am a lurker who gets sucked in by the lyric blog titles because, music. Friday night means sitting here in seismically challenged Seattle pondering my demise and wondering if we will get our central Oregon build done before the big one hits and my strategy of finally being able to afford oceanfront will pay off. Did we go far enough east? Also ordering really bad (which means really good) Chinese food. And reading The Year My Mother Came Back by Alice Eve Cohen while trying to ignore X-Box expletives from my feral teenager in the basement.

  9. Friday night looking across the bay at Zaglav outside Vela Luka on the island of Korcula. Croatia is trying to trade in the war for a tourist industry. Interesting dynamic, as they say. Unlike last Friday, Kiev, where war is everywhere just under the surface.

  10. Jody Carr – your house is BEAUTIFUL. I just want to know, did the red and purple couches stay? Or go? I’m thinking the furnishings shown in the Zillow pics were previous owners. Either way, I understand why you love the house.

    Friday night here – which has come and gone – would be classified in that boring realm. Dinner with hubby. Watched an episode of THE LAST ALASKANS. I’m not sure whether to admire those people or question their sanity, but either way, I wish I’d started watching when it first came on. I can’t seem to tear my eyes away from the scenery, a pristine landscape where survival is a matter of killing a moose, or not.

    And then bed – and then the smoke detector decided to start some crazy intermittent blipping. Which allowed me a grand total of about four hours of sleep. Meanwhile hubby awoke rested and refreshed.

    “What? The smoke detector kept beeping? I didn’t hear it.”


    • Hey Donna- a belated thanks for the tip on taking care of that pain in the back. It helped.

      Lola, Beauregardless, and I worked hard in the humid heat yesterday, moving stuff, which we have far too much of. Last night was time to enjoy the a/c and watch season 2 of True Detective, which could be called “Fifty Shades of Darkness”. But so far, it’s rainbows and bon-bons compared to season 1.

      • Hey Frank! I’m glad it helped…!

        Season 2 of True Detective. We’re behind watching the episodes, just watched #3 last night. IDK. Not into it as much as I was last year. I keep hoping it’ll get better, but honestly, I’m finding it a tad confusing + like you say, nowhere near the grittiness of last year. Or maybe I’m just missing Matthew. Yeah. Probably that.

  11. My daughter and I went to see the new Minions movie, set in 1968, some funny visuals that I laughed at and probably no one else in the audience was old enough to get (scenes from London, main Minions– Bob, Stuart and Kevin — popping out of a manhole on Abbey Road, four pairs of bell bottom legs walking by, one barefoot…). An alright movie that the kid enjoyed, but the problem was we went to see it in Lake Placid and it’s Ironman weekend, so the town was swarming with all these incredibly fit, muscular, spandex clad men and women. Not only couldn’t we find a place to park, but my reflection in a tourist town shop window showed that I could stand to lose a few pounds. Afterwards my wife joined us for dinner and I didn’t pick the healthiest item on the menu and when we got home we made S’mores, so the diet will have to wait a day or two.

  12. Ink and scotch, my dear. Ink and scotch.

  13. We’ll probably spend our Friday night battling biting things and trying to enjoy ourselves in the great out-of doors. But hey. The view of Lake Superior is great. I wonder if they have 99 calories non dairy Cow Pops?

  14. Totally fucking pathetic. But I’m finally reading “Bettyville” and I love it!

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