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    Bridge Ladies When I set out to learn about my mother's bridge club, the Jewish octogenarians behind the matching outfits and accessories, I never expected to fall in love with them. This is the story of the ladies, their game, their gen, and the ragged path that led me back to my mother.
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THe Best Things In Life Are Free

Just sayin’ (this year’s Forbes list)

James Patterson $90 million
Dan Brown $28 million
Nora Roberts $23 million
Danielle Steel $22 million
Janet Evanovich $20 million
Jeff Kinney $17 million
Veronica Roth $17 million
John Grisham $17 million
Stephen King $17 million
Suzanne Collins $16 million
JK Rowling $14 million
George R.R. Martin $12 million
David Baldacci $11 million
Rick Riordan $10 million
El James $10 million
Gillian Flynn $9 million
John Green $9 million

What is the point of this post? To make you feel bad. No, no. It’s just a vicarious thrill. I love lists in general and lists about richest people or most successful things in particular or worst dressed. Every Monday morning the first thing I look at in the newspaper are the highest grossing movies and at the end of the week the bestseller lists. I know there’s more to life, only what?











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  1. have you seen this? Just finished it. What do you think? http://youtu.be/HGGO9Uxb40s

  2. I saw a dog. I patted the dog. The dog wagged its tail then rolled in the dirt. The dog had a good shake and looked happy.
    I have no tail, so I wagged the closest thing I have. I rolled in the dirt too. Now I know why the dog looked happy.
    No millions were earned by me or the dog during the making of this true story, but we both seem to have profited by it.
    Most people would think more of me if I’d made some millions, but the dog doesn’t care, and seems to like me anyway.

    • Funny! You are a hoot. Enjoyed this mini lesson in life’s important moments. There’s a saying here – not sure it’s a “world wide” thing…but anyhoo, it goes, “If you lie with dogs, you get up with fleas.” Well, fine and good. I love dogs – and fleas are manageable little specks, IMHO.

  3. I made matzoh ball soup this past weekend.

    A big bowl of chopped onions, carrots and celery, three chicken breasts (first sliced up frozen, into small raw squares), three quarts of chicken broth seasoned with rosemary and thyme and three bay leaves, and a double batch of four-egg matzoh balls seasoned with garlic powder and oregano and pepper.

    As I was rolling the loose batter in wet hands and dropping the lopsided results into the steaming pot, it started to rain. By the time we all sat down to eat, it was the perfect weather for hot soup and the textures of those odd dumpings—floaters, this time.

    My pickiest child, who would rather starve than eat the smallest sliver of onion, had two bowls, down to the last drop.

    So, there’s that.

  4. You omitted the last name on the list.

    My name “the call’

  5. More like how? for at least one. But I’m not feeling snarky this morning, so, I won’t point that out.

    What else… my father is refusing dialysis, the rain finally stopped, and can you believe the holidays are less than three months away???

  6. things best left to the birds and bees

  7. Ur health and a pot to piss in. Never mind the piss, just keep the pot.

    • By the time I figure out “what” I’ll be too old to appreciate what all those “whats” were. And I’ll wish for these days and all the these sprinklings of “whats” escaping my closed fists.

      Note to self…open those scared hands

  8. My list of MTL includes the friendships that are true, always finding something blooming in the garden that is not a weed, watching one’s child navigate adulthood with good results and living in a city where it doesn’t snow. Admittedly, having enough in the bank to pay the bills on time allows me to ruminate on these things, but not for more than a few minutes everyother day.

  9. To paraphrase:

    “Ours not to reason why, ours but to do or….”
    Thus, better not to ask the question.

  10. Mother was right. There is plenty of money in death.

  11. I’m glad that there are enough interested readers to spend 342 million bucks for the books on that list. I figure that, at my current rate, I’d have to work/write about 360,000 hours to make the bottom of it.

    We;re strolling toward the poorhouse, I guess, but having a laugh along the way. We just spent a week in the northwest with friends and shipmates. Made some new ones, too, and learned some things about what a family can be.

    I’m happy for those who top a tough heap, and for those who like what they have, or who relish their struggles. I’m not interested in trading places, though.

  12. Trick question, right? Because the answer is, like, uh, everything?

  13. I am pruriently attracted to that list, but surprised by some notable absences. And I’m not so sure that anything is free. Anymore.

  14. Watching a young cedar waxwing learning to swallow a mountain ash berry. Full frontal view: one very big berry, one very small beak.

  15. Their critical negative attitudes have caused them to miss much of the joy of married life.
    Owens signed a contract extension to remain with
    the Eagles the following season, but his attitude would once again create
    more controversy. Tyler is a handsome and dark man with close-cropped brown hair and brown eyes.

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