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    Bridge Ladies Sometimes I think a meteor could strike the earth and wipe out mankind with the exception of my mother’s Bridge club — Roz, Bea, Bette, Rhoda, and Jackie — five Jewish octogenarians who continue to gather for lunch and Bridge on Mondays as they have for over fifty years. When I set out to learn about the women behind the matching outfits and accessories, I never expected to fall in love with them. This is the story of the ladies, their game, and most of all the ragged path that led me back to my mother.
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People Who Need People Are the Luckiest People in the World

Hey Everyone! It’s that time of year! The 2013 HATE list compiled in no particular order.  You Could Have Been Anyone To Me

1. Constant use of the phrase, “I’m obsessed with.”  I’m obsessed with Pinterest.  I’m obsessed with Snapchat. I’m obsessed with pumpkin chai latte. You can not be obsessed with a pumpkin chai latte. If you want to understand obsession, read The End of the Affair. Then talk to me a about disgusting Starbucks beverages.

2. Transparency. Suddenly everything has to be transparent. Since when isn’t clear good enough. When did clear get demoted? Did clear get the memo?

3. Pumpkin chai latte.

4. I don’t hate Taylor Swift, but I’ve had it, too.

5. Hating on Obama. I loved him, I love him, and I will always love him.

6. What the fuck is the Duck Dynasty and why is it all over the bestseller list?

7. Adam Levine named People Magazine’s sexiest man of the year. Okay, he is the first Jew to be named which I suppose is something. Seriously, there are men in publishing who are sexier than Adam Levine.

8. People asking me if I read “The Goldfinch.”

9. People sending me an email that says, “Call me.” Okay, you’re emailing me to to call you. Why don’t you just fucking call me. Just pick up the fucking phone. In the words of Ernestine, “One ringy dingy.” Are we CLEAR?

10. The continued shortening of every work in the dic.

And just for the record, I love all of you who come here and leave your snail slime in the form comments that are harrowing and hilarious and truly supportive of all the people who check in at the Lerner Rehab Facility for Writers and Artists and stay for a day or a lifetime.

Now, please, let’s see if we can get to 100 items on the hate list. What do you find irritating, obnoxious (besides me), heinous, and hideous?

131 Responses

  1. Let me begin by saying—I am nobody’s “peep’.

  2. That Twitter is trying to monetize by masquerading as Instagroin or Facehook. Just say no to bottles of Bud popping up amongst the tweets.

  3. 1. Literally.
    2. Anything about a Kardashian. Or a Beiber. Or a Miley.
    3. What used to be called “the news.”

  4. I hate Death. I hate that we all HAVE to die. I really hate that I’M going to die. I hate that there’s something called a “death penalty” and that some people choose to die as a way out of their misery. Honestly, the WHOLE death thing pisses me off in a way that nothing else does.

    I also HATE when people capitalize words to make a point.

  5. That “between you and I” has become accepted as good grammar

    Robin Thicke…

    …and the fact my daughters can’t hear the similarity between “Blurred Lines” and “Got to Give It Up”

    By the way, Happy New Year. I love you all, or at least I think I do.

    • It hasn’t, and I have a coffee mug to prove it.

      Perhaps it’s been used by people who don’t know better, but it’s never been accepted as good grammar. In fact, it’s been excepted from the annals of good grammar.

  6. 1. Cookies. (as in tracking cookies. The kind that make ads pop up just because I searched on something. I mean seriously, I searched on one item for my son for Christmas and now every single website gives me ads about Ralph Lauren BOXERS)
    2. Ditto Teri’s #2
    3. People behaving like they are still in High School (cliques)
    4. Beginning sentences with “Look.” (as in, “Look, I know b/c blah blah blah..” Like you’ve suddenly become the moral authority on dildos or whatever)
    5. People who still insist on talking on their cell phones everywhere. Grocery shopping. Public bathrooms. Restaurants. In their cars. Beside me while I wait for a pumpkin chai latte. 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  7. Where to begin?? Let’s start in the morning and shout out to those boobs who have to be texting as they walk – make that crawl – through the 375,000 commuters flowing through Grand Central. Lift your heads up folks and keep walking.

  8. I hate seeing my friends pretend.
    I hate gloaters but I hate bullies even more.
    I hate jealousy wrapped in a sweet smile.
    I hate feeling caged.
    I hate that my children aspire to be famous.
    I hate teachers who take away recess.
    I hate being the meanie.
    I hate that on my two treks into NYC over the holidays I didn’t see you, Betsy.

  9. 1. The West Coast aggressive leisure and judgement of people who read instead of training for triathlons as unworthy.

    2. Ditto on Teri’s news lament. When the Apocalypse is nigh, we can count on CNN and the like for nothing but fuel for the chaos.

    3. Skinny jeans.

    4. Going to a dinner party knowing that my mug will be plastered all over Facebook before I make it past the soup course, sans my permission, of course.

    5. Hockey (there goes my Canadian passport).

    6. The phrase, “Oh, I’m not a feminist,” uttered by some twerking jammy tart, oblivious to the dents her $750 stilettos inflicted on the backs and shoulders of every feminist who brought her here.

    7. Peanut butter

    • 6. yes, yes, yes

      DP molds college-aged minds for a living. He tells them “how many of you think women should be paid less for the same work as a man.” When no one raises their hand, he said “Congrats. You are all feminists.”

  10. _____ is the new _______. If it were the new ______, you wouldn’t need to use the old ______ for reference. Orange is not the new black. It will never be used as an outline for children’s coloring books. It just won’t. EVER.

  11. Fox News
    Mass shootings
    People telling me Diet Coke is poison (enough already)
    Anyone who criticizes a book because the ending was “predictable”
    The sound of someone shuffling in slippers
    Power outages
    Cold pizza

    What I love: This blog and all the comments.

  12. 1. TV chefs pushing the latest ‘cool’ food thing. It’s whelks in the UK at the moment. Whelks! Really? I tried one in July and I was still chewing come December. Yuck!
    2. People who say “does that make any kind of sense?” at the end of a sentence. I want to say “get stuffed” which isn’t nice I admit.
    3. People who I’ve never met or spoken to before who ring my home and ask me how I’m feeling before they try to sell me something.
    4. Miley Cyrus’ tongue.
    5. People who pretend they’ve been invited to the best New Year’s Eve parties in town when I know they haven’t, and friends who complain they haven’t been invited anywhere. Like tonight. She wailed, “I feel so out of the loop.” Yeah, well grow up and get a freakin’ life. There are more important things in the world to worry about.
    6. 2013
    Happy New Year!

  13. I hate mommyvans–and the folks that drive them!

  14. I hate:
    The phrase “baby bump”
    Political haters from both sides
    Animal abusers
    Child abusers
    “Added” bonus
    Different THAN

  15. agents and editors who never reply – extra points for requested material! (love your #5, Betsy. New Year’s wouldn’t have been the same without you.)

  16. Anywayz, with the z. Stop saying that.

    Not necessarily Miley Cyrus’s tongue, but the coating on it in every picture. She needs a toothbrush.

  17. I hate:

  18. Dear Betsy,
    Could I CALL you and say, “email me?”
    just asking…

  19. I know it’s old news, but I, like, hate the use of like instead of said, or as the opener for every single damn sentence.

  20. We’re about 2/3 of the way to 100.

    I’ll add one more: Adam Sandler.

  21. 1. Holiday car commercials. Who the hell is that demographic?
    2. The fact that I’m not that demographic.

  22. The ball swinging use of the word bespoke as a high end branding device.

  23. i don’t hate much.

    grasping the amount of nepotism in the publishing world has made me pause this year. it really has.

    placing ego before the work also makes me scratch my head. and i struggle with mid-list writers who complain about how they’ve lost “everything” which ultimately translates into cash advances. the rest of us are unlikely to nail down a publishing deal.

  24. People who spectacularly fail to craft even one good paragraph, yet keep writing shit down until they have a 300 page mountain of excrement, then upload the Word file to KDP and spend the next year of their lives all over the internet going “I’M AN AUTHOR, I’M AN AUTHOR, I’M AN AUTHOR. BUY MY BOOK. AUTHOR. BOOK. AUTHOR.”

    • That’s only 59 words, a mere molehill. You’ll need 241 more for your personal shit mountain.

      • I’d better get started again, or no one will ever think of me as an “author”
        Or I could just put my large misshapen head into a toilet bowl and scream “I AM NOT AN AUTHOR. I’M A FUCKING WRITER. DON’T BUY MY BOOKS UNLESS YOU WANT TO”

      • Haha Jess, I just went and looked at your blog, which was fun and interesting and somewhat educational. Baculum? Excellent.
        Anyway, as you blog’s tagline is “teaching middle school in mid-life” I should really be doing the I’m an author, buy my book annoying bastard thing — my first book is called Midlife.
        Shhhh … don’t tell anybody. I’m a writer.

      • Won’t say a word, will check Midlife out. More than I already am, thank you very much.

      • Mr. ipants, you can run but you cannot hide. I happen to know you’re an author because I have your book right here in my hand (my other hand). It has hundreds of pages (though not 300) and smells, not like excrement, but like a book (am I improperly using “like,” grammar-cops? that’s not a trick question). And it has words, correctly spelled and used, and a picture of a pickle on its cover.

  25. “10. The continued shortening of every work in the dic.”

    Yes Betsy, that’s terrible. But would you prefer the continued shortening of every dic in the wor…?

  26. Shopping. The freaky fluorescent light, canned crap music, the I want I want I want and vast shelves of disposable SHIT for sale makes me want to hurl heavy things at innocent people.

  27. OMG, yeah I hate OMG but I’m going to use it. OMG you guys are fucking funny. Mommyvans, what the hell kind of word is that? I used to be a Mommyvan driver. I used to be a drag racer too, ( I have two trophies), which means I’m the only Mommyvan driver that could burn rubber pulling out of the pick-up lane in my front wheel drive Caravan at the elementary school.
    I hate being a used to be, which brings me to the whole death thing. I’m not afraid of, or hate death; I just don’t like the idea of not living.
    I hate my comments being considered snail slime. Bullshit I can deal with but snail slime…ewwww. I hate ewwww too.

    Betsy I love ya and I love this bunch of misfits. To everyone Happy New Year and have a nice day. I hate have a nice day too. Well not really.

    Oh, Ellen Meister I hate Fox News too. Someone should remove Rupert Murdock’s battery.
    And, I hate when people leave long comments like I just did.

  28. Oh, this is easy.

    1. People asking when my next book is out.

    2. People asking if I’m male or female.

    3. People asking for signed books.

    4. People asking for signed books if they pay.

    5. People ignoring my FAQ.

    6. Strangers emailing and acting like we’re long lost friends.

    7. Strangers emailing and saying “distract me.”

    8. Strangers getting depressed because I ignore their emails.

    9. Strangers offering to send me NDAs.

    10. Strangers sending me their phone numbers and addresses.

    11. Strangers sending me their pictures.

    12. 1 star reviews.

    13. 2 star reviews.

    14. 3 Star reviews.

    15. 4 star reviews.

    16. And, of course, pretending to be nice. When does it end.


    • Re: #1, you’re going to hate it more when they stop asking. Re: #16, the bottom is when you stop digging.

    • For #5 (also #1 and #2): http://goo.gl/CkTTgl

      • Ahaha. I love it. You know I always bookmark these, but I don’t have the heart to use them. In fact, I was rereading my “hate list” last night and I thought to myself: I am an ungrateful asshole. Many struggling writers would kill to be in my position, and here I am… griping about it. Well, that’s no way for me to start 2014, so I’m revising my list.

        1. I hate ungrateful assholes.

        Cheers Michele.

    • What I wouldn’t give to be the owner of this hate list, which would be come a love list…well, except for 1 and 2 star reviews, and anything creepy/stalker’ish.

  29. People who get their kicks watching the ball drop on TV.
    Smarmy TV announcers narrating its descent.
    People who kiss everyone in site at midnight.
    Spellcheck “correcting” the word “its” when it’s being used properly.
    Black ice.
    Fast food chains.
    Pit bulls that DO bite.
    Pens that don’t write.

  30. Oh, wait, I just remembered something I hate while at World Market. Rewards programs.

  31. Sorry… I loved The Goldfinch.
    I hate that I can’t write like Donna Tartt, or that I don’t have her reclusive discipline.
    I’ve had too much Veuve…
    Happy New Year, Betsy and friends.

  32. Oh I hope Frank shows up. I’m worried about that sailor.

    • Not to worry, Carolynn. All is well indeed. We just got back from doing something I’ve been wanting to do- sailing from one year into the next. It was chilly, wet, and gusty, with clouds low and moving fast; the moon was not to be found, but the stars were bright, bright, then gone again as new clouds slipped in. We counted down and tacked at midnight, then hove to for a kiss and a toast. That was some party.

      Thanks for thinking of me, Carolynn, and thank you, MSB, for reaching out. I hoist my mug and wish you well.

  33. Twerking. How has nobody said this?

    I fucking hate transparency. I want to say to the jerks who blather on about it, “yeah, you’re so transparent I can see right through you.”

    Like your list Betsy and am glad to be part of the whatever you called this snail slime rehab community for writers.

    Oh, I hate that I have Parkinson’s Disease. That just sucks.

    But I love minions.

    • I thought the mention of Miley and her coated tongue covered it…?

      Oh, and your comment about Parkinsons…I hate ALS, and advanced prostate cancer. Nothing like ringing in the New Year with news of the latter for a close cousin.

  34. I hate lies. Telling lies. And most of all, the tellers of lies….that would be….the liars. I hate talking points, too, whatever the hell they are. They’re also lies, for the most part. I just hate deception of all kinds.

    And I loathe the word “dumping.” It’s so disrespectful. Just dumping someone like garbage. Hate that.

    On a lighter note, I hate wrapping presents, cause I suck at it. My presents are never neat and all pretty and perfect. They’re wrinkly and mis-cut. Oh well.

    I hate perfection, too. Fuck that..

    Happy New Year to everyone!!!!

  35. I hate that pumpkin chai lattes never taste as good as they sound like they should.

    I hate making inadvertant rhymes and I hate being too tired to bother editing ’em out.

    I hate that I can’t drop X dress sizes in the week I have before my big trip and I hate that I’ve been conditioned to think I have to.

    I loathe writing synopses.

    And Just Dance 4 videoes on YouTube.

    And tempura.

    (but I like it here)

  36. Let’s see… ‘personal’ messages on Twitter that are all smarmy and friendly, then remind me to take a look at somebody’s book. People who use ‘I’ as an object (“Do you want to go with Taylor and I?”) or, worse still, correct my perfectly okay use of “me” in a sentence like that. I hate getting ads offering me ‘weird old tips’ for getting rid of belly fat and vaginal mesh repair (WTF? What IS that, anyway?), and low-cost funerals; however much I might be in the market for that one of these days, I REALLY don’t want it in my face.

  37. 1. “Totes.”
    2. “Totes adorbs.”
    3. “Selfie.”

  38. I hate Berlusconi.
    I hate what comes out of Berlusconi’s mouth.
    I hate what Berlusconi has done to women in this country.
    I hate what Berlusconi has done to the education system.
    I hate what Berlusconi has done to the aspirations of young people.
    I hate the crushing ugliness of Berlusconi’s power.
    I hate the spectacularly frightening commercial about Berlusconi.
    I hate the way Berlusconi hovers over this country like an evil self-serving saint.
    I hate the abundance of Berlusconi followers and copycats who think they have a right to flaunt laws or get away with anything.
    I hate the way men like Berlusconi are comfortable with staring at me, at women, thinking this is a latino thing. It has a different meaning when your head of state has prostitutes shipped into his villa.

    I hate the amount of energy with which I hate Berlusconi.

  39. United States Senator Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz.

    He’s irritating, obnoxious, and heinous enough for me this New Year’s morn. As for hideous, I think Limbaugh still has that wrapped up. He wins that category year after year.

    Hey, Betsy, if you didn’t swing by Averil’s last night, you missed a swell bash. By the time I got out of there, the only light left was from flickering candles, glowing roaches, and cellphones snapping selfies. There were clothes scattered everywhere and it looked like nearly everyone was smeared with strawberry jam or chocolate syrup, or both. Scrumptious!

  40. I hate fake outrage and the stick-up-the ass clenchedness of the media. Keep a sense of humor, world, and stop pretending to be so goddamned flappable.

    I hate the inexplicable verbing of nouns.

    Talentless celebrities.

    Has Miley’s tongue been mentioned?

    I hate that I still worry what people think.

    I hate blushing, which I do all the time. Every mistake I make in public, whoosh, there it goes.

    I hate that my debit card got declined at the post office after a 70-minute pre-Christmas wait in line. (And see above.)

    I hate that we have to call our problems ‘first world,’ because everyone deserves to live in a better one and we are all stuck wherever we are, and there’s no way to actually experience a third-world problem in any authentic way so why have to constantly acknowledge the fucked-up state of the world by asserting one’s place in it?

    I hate this hangover. Please, is there a cure?

  41. I hate scare tactics and hyperbole in email subject lines. Fuck off, I don’t need to see “doomed” as a subject line in my inbox.

  42. Today the spammers and their “take this fucking challenge” “start the new year on the right foot.”


  43. Hate?

    Individuals who demonstrate a believe that social media is for advertising, marketing, and promotion rather than connection and the demonstration of meaningful human interaction despite being halfway around the world from one another.

    Also, being told of “the easy way” in writing, publishing, discovery, exposure. This is art in craft.

    There’s art and there is death. Easy is an approximation one of those two things. Guess which one.

  44. 1. People who end their sentences with “right?”. (Errr…)
    2. Men who comment on how much a woman eats. (Double errr…)
    3. My increasingly snail-like metabolism.
    4. Certain family members.
    5. Treading water.
    6. Oh, and like so many above, death. Not a huge fan.

  45. Hearing that a man I think upstanding and open-minded tells jokes in all-male company like:

    “Do you know why women have vaginas?”
    “So men will talk to them.”

  46. I hate that you don’t blog every night circa 2012

  47. 1. I hate that Bilbo Baggins was reduced to a minor character in “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.”
    2. It’s been two years since Christopher Hitchens died… I still hate it.
    3. I hate that Snookie is a published author.
    4. I hate Ann Coulter and nearly every word I’ve ever heard come out of her mouth.
    5. I saw “Wolf On Wall Street” last night and I did not hate it. I did hate that part of me envied Jordan Belfort for his ruthless determination.
    6. Most of all, I hate that another year has passed and I remain unpublished.

  48. I have hated, and it consumed me, and there was no peace in it. The energy of my youth is gone or changed, and I use it differently. But I’ll tell you what troubles me greatly.

    -We always find a reason to fight, or to go to war, as individuals and nations. We are far better at inflicting pain than easing it.

    – We are quick to be unkind, and quick to justify it.

    -Some of us are selfish, greedy, and possess everything except compassion and empathy.

    -We can be better than we are, but often aren’t.

    I am no exception. But I work on it.

    • Hey Frank, tell it like it is my friend. So glad you made it to Betsy’s beach. We were worried about ‘cha.
      Hate is hard on the soul. It sort of grinds away at the goodness in people. Hate for too long and there’s nothing left but a stub of a heart. I’m not saying I love everybody but I try my best to tolerate and walk away.
      Although ravingmadscientists #4 above is hard not to loath. Coulter should use Duct Tape for lipstick.

  49. I hate that I’m just getting to this post now and there is so little left to hate. Although I am a little sick of hearing about superfoods (yes one word). What the hell is a goji berries anyway?

  50. I hate that few people are aware the cartoon “Adventure Time” is such an accurate reflection of our world that it doesn’t make sense.
    That and bad pizza. I hate bad pizza. NY pizza: good. An authentic Maugherita pie: pleasant and lighter than you’d think a pizza could be. Anything else pales in comparison. Chicago pizza lacks soul and once I served a frozen pizza with the baked cardboard still beneath the crust. It went down a little hard, but not much difference in taste.
    I used to hate any bourbon not distilled in Kentucky (fuck Jack Daniels), but that was until I sipped a Colorado bourbon, Breckinridge, and very nearly reached the mountaintop.

  51. 1. forever changed
    2. changed forever
    3. relevant
    4. grey
    5. whilst
    6. amongst

    • Obviously, after crashing my mommyvan whilst gawking at a babybump in a grey miniskirt who strolled amongst the relevant snookie titles eating cold pizza covered with goji berries and sipping on Jack Daniels, I am forever changed, and changed forever, right? Does that make any sense? I am so out of the loop, LOL!

    • You haven’t heard? Grey is the new black.

  52. GIFs. Just… why?

  53. I second the selfie — The word and the act of watching someone take one.

  54. Barnacles. I hate barnacles. I’ll give ’em this, though- they are tenacious, and keep coming back. If I stuck to writing the way they stick to things, I’d have more pages than old Will.

    A close second is bird poop.

  55. God damn gluten free anything.

  56. I almost want a do over.

    1. The ASPCA commercials showing abused animals. (I donate once a month – so I’m an advocate, but they kill me…just kill me tiny bit every time.)

    2. The PC Matic commercials!

    • The commercials get the point across very well, but my daughter was in tears after watching a HSUS ad that showed pathetically thin dogs and cats with captions above them, Will I eat tonight? Why do they beat me? etc., and ends with a freezeframe suggesting the sickening, inhumane clubbing of a baby seal is about to follow. The cigarette ads of people displaying amputated limbs and how to shower with a gaping hole in your neck have inspired a few nightmares after creeping in on early in the evening syndicated shows.

      • Hell – I’m in tears after watching them. I’ve seen the other one you talk about as well..and yes, it is exactly b/c of those commercials that I pay that once a month fee (and have for some time now), even though I’m without a job and can’t really afford it, but there you go. It did it’s job. I’d rather not see it, but if I hadn’t would I have given $18.00 a month? I just don’t get it. I don’t get people being so heartless, sick and cruel. I never will. So, that said, I hope Betsy reads this b/c I want to her to ignore my first list and make this offer to the hate list of the year. Maybe my number one hate isn’t ASPCA commercials – b/c they are effective. I’ll go with animal cruelty. Period.

  57. I’m late to this Back to School hate party, but here goes anyway…

    1) People who drive slow in the left lane. This should be a point for high school graduation as well as U.S. citizenship. Because really, who cares when the constitution was signed. People need to know that if you are not the fastest mofo on the road, get the hell over. Now.
    2) The fact that I’m the only one on the planet who ever thinks I’m funny. I keep trying though, because I’ve not met all 7 billion people yet.
    3) The general administration of life–bill paying, dry cleaners, grocery store, opening mail, taxes, getting gas. Boring as crap. I hate it all. I want to outsource.
    4) This is a weird one, but I currently live in a glorified cow town. And they have all these new housing developments that are so flimsy you could put your fist through the walls and they’re all named things that don’t mean anything and make my skin crawl. “Latitude at Vista Ridge.” “The Sanctuary at Huntington Trails.” “The Enclave at Boyd Ponds.” These are real. I think the builders have meetings where they offer a bonus to any employee who can come up with names that will make people want to bludgeon themselves to death.

  58. Damn…didn’t mean to hit send yet…
    5) I dropped a bit of weight lately really fast and my face just went *splat!* Hello wrinkles! That ain’t right.
    6) I hate that I love hard core rap that is straight-up misogynistic. When I catch myself singing along to lyrics about bitches and hoes, I should be ashamed. And I’m not.
    7) When people say they have no regrets in life. I just cannot understand that, so I choose to hate it. I have a hundred new ones a day and I remember them all.

  59. Man. What do I hate, particularly about this past year? The fact that I’m censoring this answer already because what I deal with enough to hate is still in someone’s privilege to ignore. I hate that and I’ll live.

  60. the overuse of “…at the end of the day,” and “threw me under the bus.”

  61. 1. The One Page NYTimes in the Sunday Magazine. It belongs on the Meh List which also needs to go away.

    2. Anyone who says you’re in my “thoughts and prayers”. If I was really in your thoughts you’d take the time to think about what to say instead of using a cliche.

    3. Hating on Miley Cyrus from a feminist perspective. Ironic red flag ladies?

    4. Reporting on the Cheneys – Totes Cray cuz they are irrel (:))

    5. People who say “Excuse me” and offer helpful advice you didn’t ask for. Have a nice cup of mind you’re own fucking business please.

    6. People who tell you stories about an illness when they find out that you or someone in your family has a similar illness (see also #2).

    7. Cell phones that do everything but actually make a decent fucking phone call.

    8. Going to the Olympics in Russia in spite of Vladimir “I protest too much” Putin’s stance on well, everything human rightsish. It’s not like we didn’t skip Russia once before.

    9. Americans who think they’re being smart when they say shit to me about Rob Ford. Read a paper. Other things happen in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Add, the fact that they ask “What’s going on in Canada”? when he’s the mayor of a city, in a province, in a country).

    10. Pope Francis as a friend of gays. As if. All he said is “Who am I to judge”. He’s talking about celibate gays. Don’t be fooled because he knows the difference between a gay man and a pedophile, he’s just trolling for lonely single gays because he needs priests.

    11. It seems that if you are a male sports star no woman can say “no” to you cuz you are NEVER going to get prosecuted for rape. (All of those women can’t be lying).

    12. People who don’t like it that I’m angry at Barak Obama because I’ve felt since DAY ONE he wasn’t ready to run but he did because he’s yet another arrogant male who thought he could “do the job” even though he wasn’t ready. (And run on sentences).

    13. The fact that I could type all day and never ever get to the end of my list but my actual list of things to do is longer so I have to stop.

  62. Betsy,
    How about issue instead of problem.
    For example: this sign on the door of a public bathroom
    “Closed due to plumbing issues”

  63. 1. People who, because I’m an editor, think that I’d be happy to edit every single sentence they write–for free. I’ve finally grown some balls and now automatically respond, “My fee is $50 an hour.”

    2. The word “kudos.”

    3. The word “classy.”

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