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    Bridge Ladies When I set out to learn about my mother's bridge club, the Jewish octogenarians behind the matching outfits and accessories, I never expected to fall in love with them. This is the story of the ladies, their game, their gen, and the ragged path that led me back to my mother.
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I Want Nothing But The BEst For You

Dear Friends of the Blog:

Bobbi has always claimed to be a psychiatrist who decided to pack it all in and move to FRANCE. I’ve always suspected that she’s ducking some kind of crazy whack malpractice suit or trying to outshine Elizabeth Gilbert with whom she attended high school and was roundly beaten out for the  editor in chief position of their school literary magazine. It may also be that Bobbi has given me the best psychological insights in my life, a sure sign that she slept with the attending physician during her psychiatric rounds on his shrink couch and lived to tell. Wet wipes? Bobbi, whoever you are: Love and congratulations on the publication of your book. I love you. http://www.findingmeinfrance.com/blook/

P.S. Beloved commenter aka Monumental Cupcakes is in some kind of crazy race in Boston to be the top cup cake. Let’s put her or him over the top. Someone is going to get to lick the spoon. Vote here, and scroll down if you don’t see Monumental. http://www.boston.com/thingstodo/gallery/cupcakespots?pg=14

43 Responses

  1. Three cheers for Bobbi and her blook!

    (I had to copy and paste the cupcake link — but Monumental has my vote!)

  2. So much good news around here lately! Cheers Bobbi. My email says Finding Me In France will be on my doorstep by May 7.

  3. Some things I just have to take seriously. Vote for a cupcake that I haven’t eaten? No way!

  4. The Betsyophiles have a tendency to draw me back to my shrinking days. Most days I have to stop reading the comments halfway through as I weep over the lost potential revenue. If only I had stumbled in this room before retiring. A few free tips.

    1. Take your meds as directed, emphasis on TAKE (there should be childproof cap removal and actual swallowing involved) and YOUR (as in belonging to you, not some moldy bottle of valium that you found in a medicine cabinet at a party in 1987).

    2. Holidays with 2 or more family members are a leading cause of anything ending in -cide. Approach with extreme caution and avoid whenever possible.

    3. Guilt is a choice. Mothers (Jewish, Catholic, it doesn’t matter) lay down your weapons. It’s over.

    4. Please know that your shrink is well aware of your alternating blind adoration and murderous rage toward him/her. We get paid either way so knock yourself out, but draw the line at exposing your genitalia or wielding a weapon in session.

    5. There is no drug, no therapy as powerful as the belief that you are worthwhile, just as you are.

    Madame Betsy, merci beaucoup et je t’aime aussi.

    • OMG! “Lost potential revenue.” Gotta love it. Hope the book’s a smash!

    • Thank you and congrats, Mme Bobbi!

    • Holidays with 2 or more family members…just the thought of it makes my blood run cold…good reason to leave the country! Congratulations on the book and thank you Betsy for letting us know!

    • #3. Words to live by.

    • Congrats on the book. Advice duly noted. Genitalia safely stowed under lock and key.

    • Not only was I born this way, I have worked damn hard to get here, Thank you for recognizing my worth, I have just realized that of myself.
      I guess my eight year old bottle of amoxicillian won’t cure my ear infection.

    • Thanks for the words of wisdom. Why is it that mothers nearly universally induce guilt but fathers, not so much? I adore my shrink (in a platonic way) and dread the day he decides to retire. Is there something wrong with me? Can’t imagine how cool the flea markets are in France. Will have to read the book. Bon soirée.

    • Bobbi! You spoke French! (kisses up your arm)

      Thank you for the advice. I’m taking those meds, MY meds religiously. Anything that makes me feel this even was worth the first couple of months of cloudiness.

      Congratulations on your book. I can’t wait to receive my copy in the mail!

    • Congratulations Bobbi!
      Do you really think that fuzzy Valium is no longer safe?

  5. Big hugs Bobbi! Best wishes from cat

  6. Congratulations Bobbi and long may your big jib draw. Looking forward to reading my copy soon.

  7. Congratulations! I hope you sell a boat load of your beautiful book.

  8. Congrats to the cupcake and the doc. May we all be as sweet and insightful.

  9. Congratulations, Bobbi! that’s wonderful. Now on to the cupcakes.

  10. So happy for you, Bobbi. Congratulations! And good luck to Cupcake.

  11. Oooo, sounds fun! Looking forward to reading!

  12. Hip, hip, hooray! So much to celebrate. I wish I still drank.

  13. Cheers or bon something to you, Bobbi! I look forward to reading the blook. And I voted for the Monumental Cupcakes, taste untasted. I am trusting.

  14. I voted for the monumental cupcake, but Jesus, Betsy, the diet has gone to shit. One of those cupcakes has a miniature lemon tart on the top of it…

  15. Ahh… feeling the love in the room tonight. Big congrats to Bobbi, fingers crossed for M.C., and warm fuzzies for everyone.

  16. Congrats, Bobbi on this great news and a cyber vote for M.C. (you should also get an award for the most interesting icing)

  17. That’s an excellent book cover! I put it on my wish list, cuz I’m not allowed to buy any more books until I’ve finished my peas.

  18. Happy for you, Bobbi. Will order. Will read. Love the cover.

  19. My copy is scheduled for a May 2 delivery. I’m counting down the days.

  20. Thanks for all the kind words. You guys are swell.

    Give me an M, give me a C, give me a big fat cupcake. Bonne chance in Boston.

  21. Congratulations Bobbi!
    Have you come up with a sequel?
    Please tell me it isn’t Finding Me at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

  22. Cupcakes? What cupcakes? I didn’t see any cupcakes. Maybe the dog ate them. The crumbs in my beard? Um, well, I did eat one, maybe two, or a half dozen; I lost track.
    Best of luck, Monumental Cupcakes, with the ones that remain….
    (Cupcakes have become elevated to a culinary art and I’m fine with that).

  23. The recent upchuck of positivity is making me nervous.

    • We could all relate search terms from our blogs if it would make you feel better. This just in at my place: “whipped ass.”

      Sadly, a direct hit. So to speak.

      • I’ll gladly take your “whipped ass” and give you my, so exciting!, “oatmeal packets.”

      • Ha! Mine have been fairly mild since taking down the photo of the naked men in the sauna. I didn’t mind the adult ones, but the search terms including children turned my stomach. I could almost feel the poison creeping through the screen.

    • Have no fear – from what I have seen of today, this spot may be the only haven from a spiraling cloud of turmoil, rats and bad drivers.

  24. Congratulations, Bobbi!

  25. Congratulations Bobbi. I just bought your book, here in Toronto. I phoned ahead to make certain there was a copy on the shelf. The chap who found it for me said he went to school in Halifax with someone with you name and was scrutinizing your picture to see if he recognized you. If so, perhaps he’ll pimp the hell out of your book. At the same time, I picked up a copy of Shades of Grey, so I didn’t appear too highbrow.

  26. I would like to be someone that produces something that is read. I think it could help people and/or be a good read.

    Help it get published.

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