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    Bridge Ladies When I set out to learn about my mother's bridge club, the Jewish octogenarians behind the matching outfits and accessories, I never expected to fall in love with them. This is the story of the ladies, their game, their gen, and the ragged path that led me back to my mother.
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There’s Got To Be a Morning After

How does a literary agent celebrate her birthday? Obvs with dinner, a Broadway show, a hotel with serious thread count, and to top if all off, a shared bag of m&m’s with my man while watching Stephen Colbert. While I was on the line for half price tickets,  I also read a couple of  submissions which I am going to decline when I’m done with this post.


I want to thank everyone for good wishes and birthday magic, and  by that I mean presents. I got some doozies this year including an acetate head of Derek Jeter, an album (yes, an actual album) called Jackie Gleason presents Music, Martini’s and Memories, my annual subscription to People from my sisters (a lifeline), a painting from Spain, beautiful stationery and Shakespeare trading cards from my daughter, my mom’s annual check which always fits and looks good. I’m a lucky bastard.

I didn’t have a cake, but I made a wish on an m&m. It was for health and happiness for all of you.

Make a wish.

27 Responses

  1. That you continue to have the strength, time, and inspiration to write this blog.

    People may be your lifeline, but this blog is mine. Happy birthday, Betsy.

  2. Happy Birthday, Betsy. Thanks for the big smiles in the morning this time. Was wondering where you were. Have a great day after!

  3. For wisdom sufficient unto the day. And not one whit more.

  4. Happy birthday. I wish you health, love, happiness and an offer on your script (in case that didn’t already happen.)

  5. I see the song was first titled, “Why Must There Be A Morning After?” And I’m convinced we were all living in caves right before Wikipedia came along.

    You’d better hide that Jeter head. I’m sure I’m not the only one coveting it.

  6. Thanks for another year of wit and humor, Betsy. Happy Birthday.

  7. I read the title of your post and all I could think about is the mess this adopted country of mine is in….

    (sorry to be a Debbie Downer)

    • “all I could think about is the mess this adopted country of mine is in….”

      We spend long days and nights now doing the whiskey tango foxtrot, our pitchforks rusted and our torches burned out.

  8. That’s the best kind of morning after! If I were to make a wish it would be for more words, always.

  9. Words enough and time.

    And, always, more M&Ms.

  10. If I had wishes to spare, I’d be generous and benevolent. Since I have only one, I wish that the editor who has an exclusive on my new novel will call today and say YES!

    Now that I’ve shown my selfish side, it’ll be a form reply–Publish this? You must be nuts!

  11. That I stop second guessing myself. Develop a protective outer shell as delicious as those chocolate pellets and do a mass submit of my ms.

  12. It sounded like a lovely birthday, and I wish you many happy returns, which is a phrase I read first in A Little Princess, spelled out (badly) in pins in a pincushion. I’m still not QUITE sure what it means, but it’s definitely an expression of positivity and regard.

  13. Ah, birthday love as only a Leo can exude! I’m going to wish for 3 wishes: one for me and y’all can toss a coin over the other two.

  14. Shakespeare trading cards, fantastic.

  15. I wish you continued success in your chosen career and comfort in your life.

  16. My wish? That you keep doing what you’re doing, Betsy. You are a breathtakingly healthy tree in a forest that’s been plagued with spruce beetles.

  17. Beautiful stationery AND Shakespeare trading cards? What a daughter you must have! A wish? How about a nice string of slow news days?

  18. Awww thanks for wasting your wish on us. I mean, spending your wish on us.

    In return, I wish you health, happiness, serendipity, peace, some kick-ass submissions and another bag of m&ms.


  19. Happy birthday one day late Besty.

    I wish you high spirits and bestselling authors who never call outsdie of business hours in the year to come.

  20. I think it’s time for a guest post from this daughter of yours…

  21. I wish that
    all your days are beaux,
    all your mots are bons,
    and all your M&Ms are bleus.

  22. Happy Birthday you ol’ salty seadog!

  23. I wish for health and happiness for all of us too.

  24. Shakespeare trading cards I love, love it. I’m sending you a virtual pound cake. Happy, Happy Birthday.

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