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And Love Will Steer The Stars

I didn’t read my horoscope today, but if I had I think it would have said: you will meet a sexy, tall, blue-eyed blond rock star, a friend needs you, and spring is almost here — stay on your meds! It might have also said, a “colleague” is going to try to treat you like dog shit — don’t let him! You will eat sushi with Jews! And someone you love hates you!

This week: Get a haircut! Try something new!

Your lucky number: one million, bitch!

You get along with Pisces and Sagitarius.

Famous Leos: Robert Downey, Jr.,Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, and Muhammad Ali.

Smile Leo! Spread your sunshine! You are on Fire!

What’s your sign and do you write best when Jupiter is rising, when Mercury’s in Belgrade, or when your hemmies are under control?

57 Responses

  1. Pisces all the way. Dreamy, supposedly creative, not a practical bone in my body. I write best when it’s raining, under a full moon, and under the influence of copious lashings of my husband’s pinot (and no that’s not a euphemism; he’s a winemaker).

  2. I write best when I’m supposed to be doing something else, and vice versa.

    But that’s a Gemini for you.

  3. Sun: Leo
    Ascendant: Cancer
    Moon: Aquarius
    Mercury, Venus, Mars: all Virgo
    Jupiter: Libra
    Saturn: Sagittarius
    Uranus: Leo
    Neptune: Scorpio
    Pluto: Leo

    • That brings back memories. Having your chart done. A rite of passage. My moon’s in Aquarius too! Libra sun, same birthday as T.S. Eliot.

  4. Another American Pisces here. Wow. A Pisces married to a vintner. Sounds like a dream match. People always tell me Pisces people drink like fishes.

  5. Leo here. Aug 5. I write my best when I sit my rear in the chair, especially if that chair is hardwood, in the library — in the back dark corner of the library — without Internet access. With some contraband snacks, of course.

  6. Before there was ADD there was Gemini. Multi-tasking, half-assery, dual-diagnosis, whothefuckareyou?

    Today my horror-scope told me it was a good day for romance. I’d better go pound one out before it’s tomorrow already.

  7. Capricorn. The dullest sign in the zodiac, where unwanted adjectives go to die:

    – Good organizational skills (which explains my aptitude with paper clips)
    – Neat and tidy
    – Practical
    – Realistic (Really? I’m a writer.)
    – Egotistic (Fuck you. I’m a writer.)
    – Excessive perfectionism
    – Strong work ethic (followed by …)
    – Cruel taskmaster (You better keep up, bitches.)
    – Servility

    This last seems to deviate from the theme of world domination I had going on, but explains why I spend much of the day in craven solitude: I’m Lex Luther.

    • a fellow goat.

    • I love being a Capricorn. I use it all the time to explain why I have no interest in hearing about your kid, why I’m immediately bored by any sentence that begins with the words “I feel…”, and why I’ll never give a shit about owning a Birkin. There’s a lot to be said for being a mountain-climbing sea-goat: from the top of my own personal Everest I get to look down on people, and when I’m in my element I still feel like a fish out of water. Being a Capricorn means I never have to resort to fiction — real life is material enough.

      • I saw “Birkin” and read “merkin,” and thought, hell, I too have no interest in owning a merkin.

        Then I had to google Birkin.

    • Capricorn. Almost three decades ago, a lovely Scottish psychic who looked like Burl Ives, read my palm and told me things that were so accurate I never went back. He also said that the course of my life would be easier to navigate if I made it a habit to track the phases of the moon, but I am a procrastinator.

  8. What a good laugh! An astrological post from Betsy! Made my night cause my computer crashed 15 minutes into Mercury Belgrade (hah!) and I’m at NYU again in a dorm. I snuck in. I’m Aquarius (destined for greatness or madness, as they said in the show HAIR) and I’ve got Leo Midheaven, so that’s our connection Betsy. My moon’s in Virgo, which is good for writing. My agent’s a Virgo in the exact same degree as my moon! I know this impresses you to no end.

  9. Typical Gemini (the communicator) – Pisces rising (bloody emotional) – moon in Sagittarius (fiery). My chart has a lot of air, a bit of fire and almost no earth, which means I spend a lot of time with my head in the clouds and have trouble staying grounded. I’m good with ideas and my fire means I can get things done, but I can’t stick to a budget to save my life!

    I write better when the moon is waxing because everything is more hectic and the ideas shoot out of my brain at a faster rate. The only problem is my typing hands have trouble keeping up.

    As an aside, I am currently studying astrology and am super interested in everyone’s answer to this question, particularly if there is a strong showing of writers in any certain sign πŸ™‚

  10. I hate astrology. Self-delusion and distraction. Makes the world go round, I know.

    • A friend of mine, a Virgo, once told a fellow Virgo that he didn’t believe in astrology. The first virgin said, “Oh, that’s a typical Virgo trait.”

  11. Scorpio.

  12. I am an Aries, I read my horoscope everyday, and my Tarot and I-ching cards. I write every day, and don’t know until much much later when it’s best.

  13. They just changed all the horoscope signs around so I have no idea what mine is. No U-Turn? My horoscopes, on the occasion I would read them, used to say things like “Beware men in raincoats” and “You like Chinese food.” (Oh, wait, that was my fortune cookie.)

    I learned to write on the NY subways, so if I’m hand-writing a story, every two minutes I look around the room and keep writing. I’m checking my stop. *sigh*

  14. My sign is Go, I write best when it’s raining fire, and I took care of that pesky hemmies thing with a second-hand soldering iron.

  15. Taurus is famous for being stubborn, but stubborn got my book published.

  16. Hear me roar.

  17. I’m a Scorpio, determined but sometimes resentful of others good fortune; a bit intuitive if not compulsive; exciting & magnetic, but inclined to be secretive. And I write when it pleases me–11:00 A.M. or 11:00 P.M. Makes no difference. With the surname of Scrivnor, I have written fiction, non-fiction, drama, and poetry.

  18. I used to love reading my astrological forecast. But that was back when I believed my father was still a good man. Once I found out the truth, I started seeing bullshit everywhere, including my horoscope.

    Anybody wanna guess what’s my sign?

  19. I was born under a bad sign in mid July, definitely governed by the moon and of course I drink a lot of liquids. I’m a pie-eyed romantic, stupidly optimistic and when things go bad with my health it’s usually concentrated around my gut.

  20. Yes, Cancer (unfortunate name but not a bad sign). Scuttling sideways, shy, homemakers. Loved a Pieces, sweet Peter Pan who did not want to grow up. Stung to death by sexy Scorpio.
    Writing about family, of course.
    Leos are reported to be the money makers–a good sign for agents, no?

  21. Word.

  22. Pisces, here, and classic symptoms of the fish all the way. Write no matter what house I’m in. Mine, mostly. Good vibes at home in Houston, but New Mexico is where the true heart of creativity was nurtured. New Mexico is one of the spiritual focal points of the world. The stars aligned. Word.

  23. A card-carrying Leo here, also born in the year of the Rooster. Apparently a deadly combination for a woman: my elderly Asian friend assured me that, in his village, I would have been killed at birth.

  24. year of the rat

    • according to all the quirky books I’ve collected on Feng Shui and Astrology, the Rat is associated with the number 1 and North – can’t think of a better combination for a Leo!

  25. Virgo here and year of the Dragon. Too sexy for words.

  26. I used to be a Libra, but I think I got bumped into a new astrological sign whose name escapes me (lack of interest will do that.

    I write best in the late morning — after a.m. meds and coffee, but before the phone starts to ring and I remember the so-called real world.

  27. Virgo Rabbit. Which is as inaccurate as it is accurate, as I do have the obsessive mind and hyper-organized traits of a Virgo, but Rabbits “seldom lose their cool,” and right this second I just want to know who the someone is from your post so I can go to his/her house and fight in the yard like a Teen Mom. Because it’s so much easier to slay your dragons than my own. That feels kind of Rabbity, actually.

  28. And “when do I write” is clearly a trick question.

  29. Hey, Betsy!

    I’m a saggitarius, and I know — after reading your books and your blogs — that we’ll be fast friends if we ever meet!

    with warmest wishes

    Rosemary Daniell

  30. That’s funny because I have been looking for a crystal ball all day long.

  31. Pisces, so I swim this way for awhile and then I swim that way. Tends to impede the progress, but I go with the flow nicely (thank you Lexapro). And i tend to write the most and the best when the stream is running really fast. There, I’ve beat the hell out of that metaphor.

  32. My god Leonardo DiCaprio is beautiful. Sorry. What was the question? Oh yeah, Pisces/Aries. Didn’t know much of anything about asstrollogy until a friend persuaded me to have a reading when I was in my 20s.
    Aries sun
    Leo rising
    Moon in Leo
    Something in Virgo
    Something else in Virgo
    Mercury in Pisces
    Mars in Scorpio

    What is it about this question that makes me want to listen to Donna Summer songs? I am going now. To listen to Donna Summer songs.

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